Saturday, November 20, 2021

I found my watch

 One thing I like to have is a nice watch.

I would never spend a fortune on them, I had an Omega, but it is lost. A fake Rolex and a few of Aldis best.

The other day I found an old watch that I bought in a market for £40, I was pushing the boat out bit I liked the watch. It was a Boliva , I liked it anyhow. A few years later the watch stopped and I went into a watchmaker in Lucan to get a new battery. I asked if it was a good watch and he told me that it was only a cheap Japanese movement so it was worthless.So around 9 months later it stopped working again and I took it to the late Tommy Cummins in Fairview. 

His prognosis was not good. 

There is a broken cog on one of the wheels. OK I said throw it in the bin.

Well if I paid you £400 for the watch. 

Then I repaired it and put a quality bracelet on it.

Having done that I could bring it to a collector and make at least £300 profit.

Why did you want to throw it in the bin?

So I told him what the other watchmaker had said.

He needs to go back to watch school for a while.

Tommy died a few years ago. a real gentleman 

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