Friday, March 25, 2022

BOLT is the future

 St.Patricks day came and went with an absolute bang.

We had visitors here from all over the world.

I was visiting my little granddaughter in Northern Ireland so I missed most of the action.

The day after I was back in action and it was like old times, one job after the next.

I got a run out to the airport and as I was clearing the meter a Canadian couple came over.

Their story was awful. They were flying out and checked on the internet to see what papers they might need and found nothing.So they had a covid test and the negative result was sent to them by text !

Ok so they had the all clear?. No said the guy at the check in, we don't accept texts. So they sent them down to a far off spot to be tested. While they were waiting for the result they went back to departures only to be told that they were too late.So I took them to a hotel close by to fly out the next day. (At vastly inflated prices) I went to England a few weeks and I had my Covid cert at the ready and was not asked for it once.

Today I was working the Bolt app and its hopping, very busy. One job on top of the job you're doing at present.Apps have killed the radio cabs now for sure. One fault that I find is that you don't know your pick up point and your destination, you are shown on Google maps. That is Ok but I got a job to the Hermitage clinic out beside the Liffey Valley shopping center and the Google took me off to the left just before it. Which brought me to Blanchardstown and back. Being professional I stopped the meter and absorbed 2 tolls to get him there.

I did ask him where he was going during the trip but he told me that he was going to (the name of the clinic).

Still life is an experience then you die.

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