Saturday, June 25, 2022

Rima Baransi dancing in Trieste, Italy with violinist Ivo Remenec [Horiz...

Well folks today my wife has caught the dreaded Covid. But I am still negative.
Saturday can be a strange day, with so many workers off your workload and pattern of work changes.
By chance I picked up a young lady going to the medical center in Smithfield. We spoke of many things and when I asked her where she was from she said Tullamore, a short while later I asked if she had foreign blood? Yes her father was Cuban,yes she was a looker all right that Latino blood was throbbing through her body. She told me that she was going to become  dancer. I wished her the best of luck with that.
I asked her if she ever saw the footage of the girl dancing? There it is now.
A couple going on a cruise via Barcelona. Lucky feckers.

Then a solicitor from Derry. My brother did law in Derry and after he got a really guilty guy off he gave up criminal law.
My client had worked in America and in different jurisdictions. It is a fact that the best case, totally watertight can be sunk by a simple error.
He had a case of incest and the daughter had had a child and now when his granddaughter was 6 or 7 he started to have intercourse with her. We had him, all the evidence and then in walked this barrister from the UK Sir *******. He requested that we move into chambers where he unloaded an atomic bomb on our case. The arresting Garda had not read him his rights before arresting him.
Case dismissed and no chance of arresting him again.
Its called double jeopardy.
What really annoyed the passenger was the attitude of the Garda who just shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing at all.  

Boy did he have a taxi story for us all.
Coming back to Dublin early one morning at around 4 am, there was only a few taxis around and he noticed this guy hanging back, when the driver saw the suit and the briefcase he decided that he had caught his man and pulled over to him. Kilmainham said my man. Do you know where it is?
Sure man. and they set off. The solicitor decided to test him and closed his eyes. 
When he woke up they were in Naas. A hell of a row followed and rather than pull into the Garda station in Naas he went back for Dublin. The driver was very aggressive and as they reached Kilmainham he told the driver to take the lane way which leads to the Garda station. At this point he pressed the panic button on an app that solicitors have on their phones to give them instant Police protection.
He told the driver that the Garda station was his flat complex.
Then the fun began with the €600 taxi fair. 2 Garda just walked over and arrested the driver on the spot and the Garda rang him later to say that they had been trying to break this scam for a few years

I would say that the solicitor has a good few yarns to tell

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