Friday, June 10, 2022

Change of car.

 there is a rule that taxis cannot be older than 9 years old.

We got an extra year on account of the Covid. But the time is up for my car.

Fair play to my wife she scanned the internet and came up with a fresh Prius cx. Thats the one that is wider  and it has a higher back with extra boot space.

Lots of work to be done, meter out of old car and into the new car also loads of paperwork,

I need the rest I should enjoy the new wheels. I will get it wrapped and the old car stripped of its branding.

Here is something that you might not think of, but.

You need to put €100 away every week so that you can buy a new car when it is time to do it, or God forbid that your engine might blow. Cash is king so you have to be ready to jump.

This game is based on luck, like fishing. You have to look for the work and it could be anywhere.

I was at Connelly train station today and it was slow, so I crossed over to the bus station and in 5  minutes I was on my way to the airport. A €20 job.

Other times you might wait and wait to get a €7 job only to pick up another job worth €20 or €30 just like that.

As you might know. I have a waving cat sitting in my bay window and he passes good luck to me every day.

So I have very little to say. But I will be busy for the next few weeks.

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