Friday, August 19, 2022

On the road again

 Well it all worked out in the end. A different car with all the paperwork done ready for another year.

My son David will be taking over when he passes the PSV test. It is very hard. I know a guy who let his licence lapse and he sat the test 8 times and failed it every time before giving up.

So this week was Horse show week in the RDS where the elite horse owners of the world come to compete. It is a big event and it has been cancelled for the past 2 years owing to Covid.

There are a big group of Argentian ladys who turn up every year, they wear identical hats and look very smart.(Its a small world) 

Just so you know 1/2 of America seems to be here at present. If you are coming and plan to drive a car, book it in advance and compare all the prices through a website.AND before you sign for the car turn the video on on your phone and walk slowly around the car, the video will be time stamped as well. That way they cannot say that you scratched the car on return.

The new Prius is around 4 inches wider than the old one and on the second day I went to pull in front of a stationary car and I did not notice that she had her front wheels turned outwards and put a big black mark along the entire side of my car. I know that rubbing compound will take it out and I will be more careful in future.

Schools will be back very soon and I hear that for 3 kids going back the school books can cost €400. Plus uniforms. Someone I know went to live in Sweden and all the books were supplied by the state. In the UK books are free. But one girl from S.America told me that they got a Kindle with the books loaded for the year. At least the weight of that will not cripple the child carrying it around.

So I hope to get a few days work done next week

After I do my income tax

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