Monday, August 29, 2022

New glasses, so what?

 So I went to the smaller opticians beside SpecSavers.

I tried to make an appointment 3 times !!!!! I think the lady in the shop doesn't like people ?

Then I got a leaflet from SpecSavers with special offers, so I went.

The smaller opticians gave me 2 forms to fill in on different occasions with no feedback.

So I went to the opposition. Name ? Address? PPS number? 2 seconds on the computer and it was Go Go Go. There were around 8 opticians working, at least that is all that I could see.

Then I picked out the frames.

A week later I was done.

The smaller optician refused to test me because I was 6 minutes late for the appointment.

She said that I would be blocking other appointments. I bought an ice cream and watched while no one came or went.Oh well you reap what you sow as they say.

Years ago I had a right royal row with spec savers.

I got new glasses and they were wrong, really wrong and they refused to look at them.

When they were first put on I said that they must have the wrong glasses, but they assured me that my eyes would get used to them. 4 times I went back to no avail. I pointed out their warranty and they would do nothing to help.

I sent a letter to Spec Savers HQ. No reply. So I sent a registered letter. still no reply.

I had bought a new pair of specs and I told a customer of my predicament.`

"You have a great case for the small claims court. See that you follow it through"

So I started the ball rolling and unfortunately I let it slip to Spec Savers as to what my intentions were.

Come in Come in and sit down. Well I have never seen this before the astigmatism on your eye has changed from right to left to left to right.

He offered me a FREE pair of glasses to replace the 2 faulty pairs.

You know I had such a time dealing with them that I took them and went.

I should have demanded my €550 back in court.

Anyhow that asshole is gone. It is a big pity that the smaller optician cant get their act together.

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