Sunday, August 07, 2022

The long running saga is ending soon (I hope so)

When I sold my old car there was a small Japenise doll hanging from the rear view mirror.

Years ago a Japanese lady got into the car and said Oh you have a Ko keshi doll. Do you know what it means? Ko means child Keshi means deleted. If there was a famine and all of the children would not survive a child would be sacrificed and a doll would be made in its memory.

I went to Amazon last night and bought a replacement as the other on had gone in the old car.

This is a piece which I had ready to go but somehow missed.

 Tomorrow I am f going up to Northpoint to have my new meter verified and sealed.

The new rates are coming in next month. It costs the taxi driver more than €120 to have the meter adjusted, then sealed and it will take 2 weeks to win that money back.

I did an airport run the other day and I had not moved the credit card machine into the new car. After a bit of delay she found cash and I had just given her the bag when a Welsh guy asked me where the taxis were.

Look says I, jump in. He was going to the Mldron hotel which is less than 1/2 mile from the terminal building. He told me how the taxi drivers do curse at him for the short run. 

"Thats life son" You should take the good with the bad. Getting out all he had was a credit card. Look son I forgot to start the meter anyhow so just put a few bob into the poor box the next time that you are passing one. I have to go into the hotel and verify my ticket to get out. He gave me £10 sterling. He was over here because his company looks after all the helicopters for air sea rescue and air ambulance service.

There was also a Brazilian lady from Meta and I told her the tale of a guy going to the VIP area in the airport. Turns out he had his own jet waiting for him. He was trying to establish a company here with 1,000 staff to begin with. What do you make? We make nothing. We sell information.

You are spies ?.  Well sort of.

You know he was as nice a guy that you could ever meet, not like 90%of his staff

I very seldom give out my phone number I just change a digit, even though he asked, I did not give it to him.

I asked him what his company was called?

The name of the company was GOOGLE

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