Friday, September 23, 2022

Back from Portugal

 I told my lady wife that I had seen the running order for the Blackpool magicians convention held next February and that I had booked a place for myself.

"What? you are going to Blackpool while I have not been away for 3 years"

So 10 days in Portugal were put on the cards. We went 5 star as we needed to be pampered. We were extremely lucky as the day before we were due to fly out the airport had a computer melt down and more than 2000 people were sent away. This is why I really don't like the stress of flight travel.

Out and home again went like a dream, the sunshine helped. We had a fantastic lightning storm on the second last night, 3 hours of Gods fireworks.The only down part was killing 2 big cockroaches in our apartment. One of the staff said it was a really big one. I told him that I heard him dragging out the frying pan in the kitchen to cook his breakfast when I got him.

All the people speak Brazilian.

So I went to Aldi and I had just packed my groceries into the boot when this pair of drug addicts asked me to bring them home.

Look I never judge them, another time and place we would be playing opposite rolls. They were going to a sheltered apartment and on the way the man directed me to their drug dealer. While we were there and the husband was doing business the woman told me that this month is really hard for her as her special needs daughter died this month a few years ago.She was just 21.You could tell that it was death by misadventure by her tone.

You do know that I wrote a book complete with 3 spelling mistakes?

"The steering wheel university By Paul Malone". On Amazon

Not my real name.My name was changed to protect the guilty people in the book.

There is a story in that book that I told to a guy in the taxi who said. "If I lived to be a thousand I never would have thought of that" He came on TV that night and thanked me for my service.

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