Saturday, September 03, 2022

Dublin Can be Heaven

Noel Purcell, that will bring the old memories back for sure.
So I was clipping back the front hedge when a lady with a broken arm was passing by. I knew her for sure but I could not recall from where I knew her. So she told me. She had been looking after her elderly mother. The mother had died and her 2 sisters had turned up to the house and started stripping it out.
The mother was dead so they were taking their share of the house ! The bitches never lifted a hand to help her when she was alive and now they had come to sell the house which was my home for 62 years.
She told me that she had to give up her job to look after the mother, she never thought for a minute that they should go and make a will, so that the person who looked after the mother would herself be looked after.
There was a drawing which used to hang up in solicitors offices. It depicts a cow and each side is pulling at it, one end the head, the other side is pulling at the tail end.
And there sitting on a stool with a bucket milking away is the solicitor.

My wife has gone stir crazy. All this covid and monkey pox has driven her mad and she needs to get away
so we are off to Portugal for 10 days. For myself I would prefer to work as I have missed so much time with the changing of my car.
The world comes to me every day, The other day I met a girl from Kazakhstan, I had to look it up as well. It is south of Russia and it borders the Caspian sea. It is roughly the size of India.
A sallow complexion with a hint of Chinese features.She has a doctorate in Political science.

I met a girl from Tierra Del Fueago which is the tip of South America and once 2 fascinating ladies from the North Pole. I only once had a native American Indian.

Anyhow have a good life.

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