Wednesday, May 10, 2023


 On that day Lore Cavendish the Viceroy from Britain arrived in Ireland to take over ruling the rebellious Irish.

As he walked in the park close to the Phoenix monument with Thomas Henry Burke head of the Irish civil service, they were set upon by a group of men armed with sharp knives and butchered..

The enormity of must have hit the whole country in a matter of hours, the chase was on and usual suspects were rounded up. Many innocent people were executed and the complete story is in a book called "The Phoenix park murders."

I was once at the spot and an American special agent came over to talk to me. I am not too sure if he suspected me, but it was hard to tell by his demeanour.

Have a look for the book I saw it on Amazon, it is a strange read.

There are many apps for taxis here in Dublin. I was on Bolt, but now I am independent. 


Well when you have the app turned on you might have to wait for 2 hours for a job from it.

That job would be quite a distance from where you are. You can see that there might be 10 taxis beside the job, yet you are asked to drive 1km for pick up. Then just as you are dropping off another job comes in. Again nearly 2km away. As you are heading over to pick up there 10 or 15 taxis beside that job. 

So they decided to add an extra charge "Technology" Thank God for taxi ranks.

There is  a big birthday coming in our house and family and friends are coming.

Suddenly there is tons of housework.

See you when things are back to normal.

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