Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Million Pound House

 One thing about this job is that your mind keeps putting away stories and then something triggers the memory and it all comes flooding back. There was an ad in the paper for a €1 million house in Malahide the other day. High spec, well insulated etc.

I had a job one day from beyond Malahide into town and the customer wanted to show me something. It was a house among a development of £1 million houses. Worth lot more money back then. One house was bought by a taxi driver!!!!!

Tongues started wagging and every day he was stopped by the police who called him a scumbag. His kids were getting a hard time in school and his front door had Drug dealers out painted on it. He went to the police who almost told him to fuck off as all this was of his own making.

So he employed a top barrister and the investigations started.

Two solicitors who lived in the development had started this hate campaign. They had not investigated and they had gone to the police who had taken them at their word,

So he was a drug dealer, off to court.

Th judge asked all parties how they KNEW that he was a drug dealer and they just said that they heard, but had not investigated.

The local supernatant hung his head in shame.

Big fines were placed on the 2 lawyers who had put their assumptions in print.

The taxi driver presented his tax affairs to the judge. The taxi drivers brother was the managing director of a large successful company in the UK and when he died his assets were transferred to his Irish family. "All this would have been accessible to anyone who looked" said the judge.

The garda supertendant was transferred and the residents committee had to pay the taxi drivers legal cost to move and to make up any loss in the transaction.

Well I hope that they all learned something, the garda are the worst in this story as they had the duty of care instead of believing in rumours.

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