Monday, December 04, 2006

Stormy night

Yesterday was so stormy that it was not funny. The wind was gusting at 150 kph it was cyclonic so it was tossing ships and planes every way. Planes could not land at the port, I saw one take off and it was rocking from side to side.
I was told that most people were sent home as there were no flights landing ergo no planes to fly out again. I did not spot that this would happen , but I did ok anyhow.

The dart was off, probably a tree down on the overhead lines.

So I worked the streets and later Heuston station where scores of extra people were turning up from Cork and Shannon where there flights had been diverted to.

When the work eased off I got out to streach my legs and I found a Prada purse with cash and credit cards. I rang a few of the card companies(some which never answered)and passed on my phone number, the owner rang me back. Today I returned the purse and got a thank you plus e20 for a Christmas drink!.
This has restored my faith in humanity.
But I will try to do the right thing even though there are so many selfish, ignorant people that you sometimes wonder if its worth being straight.
Still the storm has passed and all the weary travellers reached home today, but you had better book in at the airport in plenty of time for you flight, as there will be no spare capacity for the next three weeks.

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