Saturday, December 09, 2006

Taxi strike

Here is a few photographs of the last one day strike. That beautiful office is not the UN hq but the office of the taxi regulator !.
Then there is 2 taxis given the same number. Did I say that all the taxis had to change their nimbers? Now taxis from outside the city are able to ply their trade as the uneque Dublin, Cork etc. numbering system is gone, replaced by a national system.

The strike hurt a lot of innocent people. I was on picket duty at Heuston station where I overherd one of my collegues tell the father of a sick boy. That theres a strike on and he should have thought of that before he came to Dublin.
The father had an appointment with a consultant in a hours time.
On that day I had no car,but I don't see the point of hurting your customers and creating bad feeling towords yourself.
Still I know there is a lot of bad feeling on both sides.

The last photo is of one of the portloos that the Dublin Airport Authority expect us to use.
Over one Thousand taxis pass through the Kesh. When there are delays nature calls and its not unusual to have urine and fecies overflowing out of them onto the tarmac.
You can see they are never cleaned down too well.
This is the kind of thing we should be striking about. I asked Mr.Tommy Gormans office about it, they told me that I should take it up with the DAA. Now the union did not get back on to me, so what do you think of our state of the art restroom.

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