Thursday, December 14, 2006

The waiting game

Each day is different when you drive a taxi.

Yesterday and today were no exception.

I was ar the Aport and picked up a lady going into the south side of the city. When she got into the car she started the calls, ringing all her frends to say she was back etc. etc.

Then she said “Driver I would like you to take me to the hairdressers, wait for me then home to my appartment it will only take 40 minutes”

I said absolutely no way would I wait for 40 minutes for her or anyone else to get a hairdo, with people falling over themselves to get taxis. Anyhow I had a wife coming home from work and 3 kids all waiting to be fed. So we settled for Appartment then Dry cleaners ,hairdressers, then I could go home.

Arrived at the appartment, through the security gates into the basement car park. Out with the luggage, up to the appartment. “I will be down in a minute”, When I went back into the basement the door locked stopping me going back up again.

I waited locked in the car park.

45 minutes waiting.

I was almost boiling when she came down..Not a word about being sorry to have kept me waiting..When we arrived at the hairdressers there's e47 on the clock.

She gives me e50 in 2 seconds I have her change and recept in her hand, no tip.

She talkes on on the phone 5 mins..I turn off the engine 10 mins.. 20 mins . I turn round and roar “ WILL YOU ****OFF”

I have never come closer to killing anyone or having a stroke.

She must have been mad!

I know that I was as mad as hell.

But today first lift to Swords with an Indian guy. “I hope you can change e100”

Good chat on the way out then when we arrived I had to get out of the car to get the change. I lifted the note off the drivers seat as I did so I rubbed the note to open it up, and Voila e200. There was one note wrapped around the other. I waved it at him.. loook He looked at the note twice but did not see what I was showing him, then I held up one note in each hand. He was really shocked E100 is a lot of money to loose, so be careful out there.

I won't go into the story of how all the IT jobs are going to India..Thats a tale for another day

All the pickpockets are very busy now.
The prisoners are out on Christmas leave as well so take care out there

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