Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese new year

Geese grazing on the Clontarf seafront all the way from Greenland. On the right we have Custom house the spire and Liberty hall home to the trade unions. an the foreground the new pedestrian bridge which swivels. I have yet to see it open.

I am awake it 3.30 am can't sleep. I will tell you of the highlights after I tell you why I am awake.
Last Job of the night brought me to Vernon Ave.Clontarf where a beggar works. and he hopped in while I while I was trying to park. Coolock says he so to avoid hassle I dacided to run him home. But home sweet home was not on his mind.
He was on the old mobile.I herd the figures 100, 150, 300 all mentioned. Turn right here buddy..So we had a three way conversation between him me and his dealer.
The deal was to go down at the shops in Edenmore, when we got there there was a wide boy there but he was not the main man. Then another car pulled up, turns out to be the beggars "cousin".
The waiting game went on for a few minutes, then a bit longer, I took all the money I had and hid it in the boot. He had given me a 5 before he left so with his apple slices on the back seat and 8 50 on the meter,I made a break and cut my losses.
Fabrese is a great man for killing the smell of junkies. Its a pity it wont kill them.

Later when I got home I decided to give Coolock Garda a ring.. well It rang til it stopped then on the third attempt we got through. I gave him the reg numbers and told him what happned..Right if I send up a car will they still be there?..Well no you are a BIT late with that.

If there is a few people around who want to play a game ?
Ring your local Garda station at 8 pm (not a busy time)and count the rings..then ring your local Chinese takeaway.
Compare the response times.
I suggest we get the Chinese to run the Garda switchboards.(After all this the year of the pig)No offence , but it is

A few years ago at Findlater Place a Chinese man was stabbed to death. The murder scene was taped off and a bean garda(female) was on duty to preserve the scene. Talking away to a man she did not notice the confused Chinese girl coming from behind. I called over before she stepped over th tape, I shouted again as the lady walked right through the puddle of blood.
Then again I shouted Look Behind you. The garda just turned her head to the left as the Chinese girl walked behind her right sholder stepping over the tape. If the gard had stepped back they would have bumped into each other.
Guess she has a new set of footprints to follow now in the murder hunt.
I would reckon that evry Chinese business has to pay protection to the Triads or Snake Head gangs. The violence has not spilled out onto the streeets for a while now.

Found a new hotel and on the route home I found the correct route to it (With regrets to my passenger) Its the Castleknock golf and sport hotel. It has more stars than the milkey way.

Go up Knockmaroon hill as far as the new appartments, hang a left at Castleknock college then down the hill , keeping left at the next fork its less than a mile up there. We went through Clonsilla and Porterstown. But I stopped the meter to keep it fair.
It is the night of the Kerrymans ball,there should be plenty of footballers there.
Great looking girls too. Mine was a cracker, hope you had a great night!.

Another Guy I picked up was a man on a mission. To start a radio station in Australia. Green and Gold he is calling it you might get it here but its not opned yet, he is in the process of training 12 Auzzie DJs Sounds like a lot of work to me .
Still if these things were easy everyone would be at it .Good luck Richie.
I hope he remembers me when he needs live updates on the state of the nation.G'day mate.

I found out that there are 2 Vernon Courts in Clontarf. One on Vernon ave beside the shops the other beside the Yacht club on the seafront.

There was a great programme on BBC radio 4 on Thurs or Fri. about company debt. Private equaty groups are buying profitable companies then stripping out the finance, sacking the workers and leaving the companies in massive debt.Birds eye was one,the AA was another example quoted. Often this massive debt is 80% of the companies profits.

For Beatles fans here is George Martin. A blast from the past. Before the Beaatles came allong he was making comedy records for Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren.(Goodness gracious me and give us a bash at the bangers mash me mother used to make)

If you want happy punters play the Beatles, they get really elated with the music.
Good tips follow.

Just got a call from a mate he suggests drinking warm milk. Does it work for you ? I said. No milk keeps me awake all morning.

I'm a milkman !


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Taxidriver, you amaze and enlighten me with each post you write. As a frequent user of dublin taxis I thank you for this blog and a real insight to your side of story! It's nice to get the drivers seat perspective for once. Keep up the good work and thanks for carting us all home safely after a night out on the beer!

  2. Thanks for saying thanks. The good people outnumber the bad by 100/1.