Thursday, March 29, 2007

Into the weekend

Sorry if the last posting was a bit depressing, but it had to be told warts and all.

Perhaps we should all take some time out with our kids while they are young.
We could do without the new Merc or the plasma screen TV or that trip to the shops on Sunday.

Tempus fugit.

Yesterday I met the lovely Lisa Fitzpatrick who was on her way to an awards ceremony, she was in the running for most stylish lady in Ireland.
Lisa is the fashion guru on TV3 and when I Googled her I got loads of info.
She had done the makeup and was on her way to do the hair.
You looked great Lisa !.

Guess what she won first prize, VIP magazine will have all the info.

One of the perks of the job meeting interesting people.

I dress down as if I look too well dressed I will get no tips.
(recognition of a job well done)

Today was one funny day I had a spate of one fare after the other.
One getting out,next one waiting to get in.
Never got home for a break which is fine because when the going gets slack I will be at home.

Near the end of the day I picked up a lady who said "Your going to kill me, I want to go to Bray"
I had met her before and I told her what I remembered about her.
She has a fantastic musical tone to her voice.
Born in Scotland reared in South Africa and educated in England.
The Scottish accent is the strongest but the effect of her voice is like hearing beautiful music.

She is very tall and her story is one of a very brave persons fight to regain her health.
She was paint balling and got shot twice on the shoulder. Thought nothing of it but her shoulder was really sore. A friend looked at the bruising which looked really nasty and told her to go to the doctor.
The doctor sent her to hospital and to cut the story shorter she had to have a skin graft.

Then the story took a sinister twist , she picked up the MRSA virus, her weight dropped to 5 stone (she is 6ft 4).
Thank God she survived but she is still fighting to regain her health.

Strange to say she works with the people who are homeless and addicted.
I sometimes think God has lost the plot.

Get well soon.

I took a few snaps of the fine houses out in Bray before heading for home.

On the way I stopped to snap Jim Rocks Farrarri, he is a car dealer who is not afraid to talk to the public.
I don't know if you ever have been embarresed by being snubbed at a car dealership.
Guys, we can go to the internet and buy cars, there other dealers who can step up to the plate and do the business.(just an aside a popup came on my screen and Jims car came up, the price is POA) I also picked up his cousin from Galway who is also a boxer.

Just back in Booterstown picked up a fare to Tallaght, the punter works in computers speccific to the pharmacy trade, the system is fantastic it cross checks that if a patient is on 2 or more drugs that there will not be a reaction between the two drugs.It also makes up daily doses and labels everything.The system orders drugs for when they are needed, the only thing it won't do is make the tea.
The traffic from Tallaght to the end of the M50 was a car park so I went back through town.

Last fare of the day was a man going the Ardmore hotel in Finglas, the address that was given was a bit off but I knew the place.
The guy was a motor mechanic and we had a bit of banter about how cars nowadays are not serviced manually, but plugged into computers and they are so complicated that they are mental.
My wifes car has no spark plugs or distributer! But it works.
Turns out he is going to a reunion of ex cancer patients.
Getting cancer is a good boot up the arse, making you re assess your life and makes you value what you have.
Hope you have many more reunions.

Have a happy weekend.

Stop the traffik ! (people)

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