Friday, March 09, 2007

ST Patricks day.

click on the thatched cottage to make it bigger, now look at the date stone on the right side. Now thats an old cottage.
The big day is on the 17th and it is celebrated all over the world.
And where better to go to than Montsarat a tiny island in the west indies which boasted a large population of black Irish(desended from Irish slaves and sailors who jumped ship) they used to have a great parade until a volcano blew the bloody place up, I met a black girl from there once her hame was O'Malley and her eyes were a vivid blue, in her black face they were very striking.
It was some kind of paradise.Their flag even has a harp on it.
Statues of St.Patrick were in every house. Some say that the statue was really to represent a vodoo god who had power over snakes.

The parade and fireworks and the big open air dance and so what if its not sunny the whole world will be there.( link did not work.

Rio Comes to Dublin.
Last year in the icy wind we had a bikini clad dancer in near blizzard conditions, She was frozen. But our local firemen knew just how to warm her up.
But the holy nuns had better ideas and she is now sister Juliana. (I joke)

Australia are having their big day on the 11 th, they didn't want it to clash with the Sydney harbour bridge celebrations. 100 years open?

St.Patricks day used to be a "dry" day with no pubs open.

If you wanted to drink you could go to the RDS to the dog show,but the pubs were allowed to open a few years ago. Last year and the year before the cops clamped down on the drunkenness (they were drinking Guinness)
But the year before that it was mayhem.
The cops arrested a 13 year girl giving her boyfrend a blowjob in Grafton st.
They brought her home to her parents. Now theres a wake up call no one wants !
Kids today.

So with the fireworks, the parade. the ceili mor (open air Irish dancing)and the dog show.
It will be a big weekend.
Look out for the Estonians,Latvians,Lithuanians,Belarus,Ukrane,Russians,Moldovans,Polish,Checks.Slovakians,Hungarians not to mention the beautiful girls from Slovenia and Croatia.There are hundreds of people from Brazil and Nigeria here as well.

Bring a raincoat your wooley vest and a stepladder to see the parade.

Happy St.Patricks day.


  1. Hi John! Is a pleasure to meet you at distance, I am Diego, a young men in Buenos Aires who love dance tango. Well, if you come here you will have a vrry good friend here.
    I put your link in my web site.
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  2. The links between our two countries are very strong. I will come and learn to Tango. Happy St.Patricks to you all in Buenos Aries.

  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Yes, St. Patricks day, the day "Paddy Power" really takes hold.

    I went in a bar full of Irish revellers at the Notting Hill carnical many years ago. Was made very welcome, but they explained they were practicing for St. Pat's day, priceless !