Monday, January 07, 2008

January blues

The Parnell Mooney. Parnell St.

This arch marks the entrance to St Stephens Green. Built to remember the Dublin Fusiliers who fell in the Boer war.
Hard times fight for the crown or starve at home.
Known as "The traitors arch" by some old Dublin people.

The Scrooge of Christmas had to be the Luas tram company.
Guy told me he bought a return ticket and was making his way home at 3.30 AM when the ticket inspector asked to see his ticket. This is out of date,it was bought yesterday, after midnight its a different day.
The guy explained to him that it was a return ticket.
But that was for yesterday.
Can I pay you now?
No. Get off and walk home.
So off he got. Happy Christmas.

The other Scrooge is a civil servant who is in charge of the prison service. Early releases for Christmas were turned down.
New man making his mark.
John Lonnergan of Mountjoy prison stood up to him. "I have provided you with a list of prisoners who will improve by being released on parole for Christmas. If you dispute this with me I will resign and you will be asked how your experience can overrule mine"
The prisoners from the Joy were the only ones to get out. Or so I was told, by phone from prison.(Shussh)

Venezuelian leader Chavez has an audience with Niaomi Cambell!
I wonder what hemlines will be like in the spring and will slingbacks be in or out. Wow paper likes ink!

Taxi drivers should head off to the sun at this time of the year,it is depressing to be sitting at overcrowded ranks waiting for a e4 fare.
Go to the sun but stay inside,If you come home with a tan you will never get any tips.
If the number of taxi drivers keep increasing like it is at present all the full time taxi drivers will have to get part time jobs to make up their pay.
Its a bit ironic when a guy who has a full time job works as a taxi driver part time and puts the full time man out of a job.
Herd of a soldier who drives a taxi at night and sleeps all day when he is supposed to be on duty...I would believe it too.

Pity I am too old to be a fireman or a school teacher.
But thats life.
I wouldn't swap for the life in Africa or India.

A couple on Sunday heading towards the Airport,the conversation revolved around bad backs..The curse of taxi drivers,nurses and hairdressers. So I spoke on the merits of Chinese acupuncture,he told me that he was involved in a bad smash in Croatia and a guy there used a selection of therapies to get him back on his feet..I would swear by this guy he said.
He was off to Mexico. It will be great to get a bit of heat for a few weeks.
"A few weeks me hat. I won't be here again until April first."
Now thats what I call a break.
No I don't think it was an early April fools joke.

January is the month to go to the National art gallery on Merrion Square to see the Turner water colours. They are only shown in January as the light is at its lowest now.

Seeing as we have time on our hands (like a clock) take a look at this
Well there is a guy who dosen't need to count on his fingers.
I got back a book I loaned to a friend Tales in a rear view mirror,sadly for now out of print.
A really funny book.
And then a race Satnav against Black Cab

Just in from the Sales where my lady wife bought me a reclining armchair.Just the job for that mid shift break. Bit worried about the electric flex though.
Perhaps she will plug it in and smoke me if I am not a good boy.
At least now I can watch Judge Judy in comfort.

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  1. Have you had a go of the new "improved" St Stephens Green Rank yet? it's a howl.
    Yep I enjoyed tales in a rear view as well