Monday, January 14, 2008

Stopped Raining

The celling of Easons bookshop in Nassau St.
It used to be a bank,look inside to see the fantastic fireplace.

Moan Moan Moan.....But its the time of year when things are quiet.

How do you know when a taxi driver is on the plane?

Easy,after the engines stop the whining continues.

No its not that bad really I have become used to it and its like an actor after finishing a big film role,"resting" as they call it.

Things will kick off for St Valentines weekend then St.Patricks day and before you know it we will all be off on our summer holidays again.

Heuston train station was busy and I got a run to Manooth e35 interesting lady a psychologist with a few very interesting observations which would help to put our lives back into the groove.
When she was a younger student living in Rathmines there was a family from Bosnia living in the basement, they were grand and kept themselves to themselves.
She came home one day and there was a terrible smell smell in the house which over time got worse and worse. One day when she came home the stench was unbearable and she saw the family out the back pouring sewage down the open drain.
She had had enough and went down to confront them,they had no English so they brought her into the basement apartment where raw sewage was leaking into the apartment, covering the floor by a few inches.The drains were blocked and they had been on to the landlord but he was too busy to fix it.
There was babies and infants and the landlord was charging them per head.
She got on the phone and ranted at him to get this fixed straight away or else.
He acted all right. The next morning he threw them out and he kept their deposit.
This brings me back to the 60's when Peter Rackman ruled the slums of London, if you are around the same age as me the name will send shivers down your spine his name is the devil incarnate.
There are ruthless people who will exploit the weakest people in our society.

Anyhow in trying to help she made them homeless. You just don't know whats going to happen next.
You just have to play the situation as best you can.

As we approached Manooth she told me about the grief she was feeling.

Her cousin had had a heart attack.
36 years of age slim and fit.
Went to the doctor with chest pains but at her age the doctor did not suspect such problems.
She dropped dead later that day and it took 20 mins to get a heartbeat.
So now she is on a ventilator.
She suspects that her cousin is brain dead.

A young person with a good 40 years ahead of her!

You have to be a good listener....God bless.

Then you realize why she needed to take a taxi ride home, she just had to tell someone.

So seize the day, hold your head up,look straight ahead, walk with purpose in your step and mind the dog shit.

Yes here are a few words from my favourite Jew


  1. good post John,I like the Jackie Mason clip brilliant.

  2. Valentines day! you're forgettin the rugger buggers will be here long before that!