Saturday, January 19, 2008

Down time

The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital. fine building...ongoing maintenance

The patient drop off point for the Beacon medical centre.
Ireland is rapidly going the way of America.
First they check your medical cover then if thats OK they might check your pulse.

So many taxis, so I took the weekend off.(and wasn't missed)
I find it hard to take time off but the other day I was at the airport and some one told me I had a back light out and a stop light ,then I found a side light on the front gone then one of the number plate lights gone.I had a box of bulbs, you can buy a set of bulbs for your car in Halfords or any big motor factors. Its great to have spare ones all together.
In France if you have a bulb out you are fined on the spot,if you can fix it there and then you get off.
So having spare bulbs will pay you well in France.

Had a big talker in the car the other night.
What a talker!
I don't know how she managed to breathe,words coming out like bullets.
They are building multi story apartment blocks at Whitehall there will be no place to park a car or for a child to play, it will be a disaster.
I know that for living in the shadow to the development of it on Thatch Road it will be a big problem.
Sure I know its just nerves.

Strange how government bodies will do what no one in their right would be allowed to do.The motorway around the Hill of Tara which is an ancient historical site. and an incinerator at Ringsend,right in the middle of the city center.

I read in one of the Taxi publications that a taxi driver took a taxi home one night.
The driver of his taxi spoke no English, he had no idea where he had to go and had to be pointed there by the passenger, as he did not understand left or right.

The taxi driver wrote to the regulator.
Her reply was that her office would be taking over the taxi driving test from next year. It would be a tougher test and a knowledge of English would be required.
The other taxi driver pointed out that this guy knew NOTHING and that surely English and the ability to communicate were already required..

When I say the industry has gone to hell,this is the kind of thing I mean.
One guy insured to drive a taxi. While he and his 5 mates drive the car night and day.
No one really cares at all.

A girl was attacked on Wexford street in a taxi. She got in and the guy burst into the car from the boot where he had been hiding,she escaped because the traffic was going very slow. They have not been caught,she was very lucky.

Another guy told me he came home by taxi with no meter.
It was just a car with a stolen taxi roof sign.

The police will stop a car on the least pretext and the disgrace of un insured drivers coming from God knows where is allowed to continue.

From Christmas eve to New Years day there were 48 calls to the rape crisis center, 12 recent rapes with 4 each on the 22nd and the 29th Dec.
Now don't get me wrong these rapes did not happen in taxis.
The level of drinking will have to be addressed.
Christmas was like the night of the living dead.

I complained about a guy jumping the queue at the airport and I was told he was not on camera.
I pointed out that it was directly in front of that new camera there. No he won't be on it.
So if a bomber wants to drive around the taxi rank and place a bomb, he can drive away and not be on camera? I hardly think so.
Or if he can. Then we should close the place down as being unsafe.

One thing thats hard to believe is that each country has its different stars...Introducing Podge and Rodge

You know when it comes to TANGO the country we turn to is Argentina.Tell me is this couple the best artistes for dancing they move just right, they seem to feature a lot in UTube.
But for Tango music I have to go with Astor PiotzolaOK this is a classic example! The girl is wearing shorts so everyone can concentrate on the movement and the music..

Ya Vol the Middle Europeans have us! they love to dance and express yourselves through music. Ever been to Greece or Turkey ?


  1. Someone very dear to me , extremely expensive in fact , asked me to point out that over 50% of the patients treated in the Beacon hospital are NTPF (national treatment purchase scheme) so you're as likely to meet joe bloggs as ritchie rich there!

  2. There has to be something wrong when people cannot be treated at their local hospitals and yet be treated at a higher cost in private hospitals.
    I would love to follow the money trail,it would have to lead back to Bertie and Co.

  3. You have an extremely interesting blog.