Saturday, January 12, 2008


Kings Inns where the law society are based, barristers anyhow.

The law is in a bit of a huff as a solicitor has taken to the hills with debts of over e120 million,one of his own fine houses is up for sale in Howth.
Lotto you could help!

Loads of people have lifestyles well beyond their means,some decide to rob peter and Paul to keep going. Others decide to stay in.
2 taxi drivers from Southport asked me when my season ended.

They explained that come October they parked up their cars until Easter.
I was shocked.
Almost seems like that time has arrived here now.

The pubs,clubs and streets are empty all you need is the tumbleweed to go rolling down the street to make the picture complete.

One thing an old pal told me when he heard I had bought a taxi was. "Don't be surprised when people look differently when they find out what you do for a living. Or that they cut you off when you are driving a taxi" what do you mean? "look differently at you" said I in all innocence.
"Well they will look at you the same way that they would look at a piece of dog poo that they had just walked on."
I never let it worry me too much, its their loss that they have only one braincell.

Today I popped to the shops for bread and the Lotto at There are 2 car parks the outside one 50 yards walk and the near one 20 yards walk. The outside one is the best as you can slip in and out with little fuss.
Coming back out there was a queue of cars trying to get into the inside car park, as I edged my way forward an old guy drove up and blocked me, then shook his fist at me.
So no one was going to move for the next few minutes anyhow,
So I decided to engage him in some polite conversation.
He was ranting,an old guy.
"Who do you think you are trying to cut in in front of me like that"said he.
So I told him that if he had held back there was 5 parking spaces behind me and if he had let me out he would be parked by now.
Then he said well I'll let you out then, not without bumping into the car behind you won't. Did you ever think that if you had crashed into me that your eyesight might fail a fitness test?.That would mean that you would be taken off the road for good and you would be liable for the damage to my car as well.

He was more than a little taken aback...we all have our Achilles heel.

Mr Ryan was driving along with his wife when he was stopped by a policeman.
What is the speed limit along here ?
Its 60 KPH replies Mr Ryan.
Then why were you doing 75KPH then ?
Look I was dead on 60 KPH your instrument must be wrong.

Sensing that there may be trouble and wanting to calm things down his wife leans over to the Garda..."Look its no use arguing with him after he has taken drink"

Murphy had not been to confession so his wife told him to go to the priest and start the year with a clear conscience.
Well Father he says I nearly was unfaithful to my wife.

What do you mean Patrick, nearly unfaithful?

Well I was with a woman, but i didn't put it in I only rubbed it against it!

Thats the same thing, Patrick that was a big sin against God. Say 10 hail Marys every night for 3 weeks and put e100 into the poor box.

The priest watched from the door of the confessional as Patrick walked out, he noticed him stop at the poor box and he saw that though he took money out he did not put it into the box. He ran out after him.

Patrick Murphy I saw that, you didn't put the money into the poor box like I told you.
Well father you said that rubbing it against it was the exact same thing as putting it in.

Having time on you hands means more time for surfing.

Often I buy things on the internet but never anything like this e10,700.
All will be told in 5 weeks or so. Also I bought a new earpiece for the phone for 26 quid Stg. as against e80.

Guess I will go and tidy up the Pool.

Time to rest


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    i know this a long shot but if you or anyone taxi driver you know - or could ask - picked up a fare from College Green to Bow Lane on the 11th of Jan (Fri) after ten or so and found a brown Nokia 7390 phone in the back could you please call 087 227 3981? just numbers and messages and things on it that weren't backed up and I'd happily pay to get them back. Thanks a million.

  2. Only chance is to ring the phone as soon as you find it missing. Its usually the next person in who takes the phone.I know how you feel,believe me. But I will put up a notice in the Kesh for you.When I find a phone I ring the last number dialed if it dosent ring soon after finding it.
    The carriage had a great system for returning phones,but the lost property office is gone.
    Hope there was no naughty photos on it.

  3. Hi Anon! you e-mailed me on this one , i'd normally ring Homem mam or Dad in the directory if I find one (normally handed to me by the customer that finds it). i'm sure most are taken by the next passenger along, because unless they ring I'd never see them,