Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in the world

A sand sculpture depicting a scene from "Gullivers Travels" By Dean Jonathan Swift.
Voted to be a Book for Dublin

This is one of the new bridges, a pedestrian one known as the "Bingo bridge"
Why? Because the locals cross it to play bingo.

Well I am back in the world.

As a famous singer once said.

A bus and Luas ride and I picked up a mate's car to drive for 10 days while he is in America.

Its hard to believe in the few weeks I have been off how many extra taxis there are on the ranks, one example is at Stephens green there is a u shape taxi rank then a queue of cars trying to get on!!!
I pulled down to Dawson st where a Chinese guy who pulled in behind me told me he was giving up.

"I sold my taxi last week, now I do interviews for jobs, this is a hired car"

My dad never told me much, but he did tell me "If the Chinese are leaving an area or a trade, leave too....."

They are not mugs

Good old Dad.

I met a disgraced Prince of the church today.
A really nice guy, seemed to have been out of the country for ages, asked about the Luas etc.
When he got out the guy who was with him told me who he was, took me a while to recall a lot his history.
You know court cases can be handled badly and people may capitulate in order to minamise the damage to others, the law is a difficult dissapline.

I do know that the press paint stories with broad strokes, but I can tell you he was a really nice guy, with no malice in his heart at all.

Enough said.

Tomorrow, as Elisabeth Taylor once said is another day.

I was told that a practice wihich has emerged is the steeling of taxi signs from parked cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our signs are held on by magnets, so the sign just lifts off.

"What are they doing with them?" I asked.

Well stick it on their roof and zoom through the traffic in the bus lane!.

And they are using them in robberies!

For a quick getaway.

A guy had his roof sign taken and reported it to the Garda.

3 Weeks later a car robs a place and drives off with his plate on the roof.

What happens?

The Garda decend on his house wit ha sheaf of warrents.

"You know that this sign was reported stolen 3 weeks ago the taxi driver screams, if you had looked for it this would not happen.....Are you all fucking mad? Do you think I would use my own taxi to rob someone?"

He was not best pleased when his sign was stolen again and involved in another robbery, probably the same gang.

So boys and girls, take off your roof sign and stick it on to the end of your bed.


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  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    sorry to tell you john but although mrs taylor might have said it to one of her husbands at some time the person famous for using those words was vivian leigh (there you go my spelling could be off aswell)in gone with the wind