Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday night

Dutch type building near St Patrick's cathedral, thats its spire uc dere.

Liberty hall, Ireland's first sky scraper soon to be demolished!

A detail from the customs house,one of Gandons finest creations

Well here I am, Friday night and not at work. I have the NCT test for the Prius next week.
Yes folks it will be a Taxi.
I got stuck because the software is different than the model sold here and all the instruments are in Japenese, the TV dosent work and even the radio won't get Country mix

I have a new Taxi licence number in the 41,000s and I had a meter fitted today.
On Wednesday I will go to the testing center and perhaps the car will pupate into a taxi.
I don't really know why the licence fee goes to the NCT people, and not into the coffers of the regulator, still thats none of my business.

I tried to buy an existing licence plate but after looking in the papers for 2 weeks I found nothing. I heard of a taxi drivers widow who was trying to sell her late husbands plate, I would have bought it but the taxi regulator cannot decide whether she can transfer it or not.

It must be nice to be able to sit on the fence and think will I? wont I?

Another cup of tea Mary!

While a widow is deprived of e6500!
Kids to feed, still not your problem Kathleen!

Whisper on the streets!
Top secret, so don't tell.

The regulator is going to cap the number of taxi plates.

But in a different way.

She will buy back the licence from people leaving and anyone wanting to buy a plate will go on a waiting list, she must have thousands of lapsed plates sitting on her computer waiting to be re-issued anyhow.

Last week I met 2 guys one from Boston the other from Canada,first time in Ireland.
They had stayed too long on the bus and wanted to get off at the Collins barricks meusium, they had passed it and the bus driver told them that they should Fuck Off and go Back to their own Country!!!!!!!!!!
They thought the driver was west Indian or Jamacian....

I think he must have been just a disenchanted taxi driver!

I have the loan of a taxi for next week yipee! so one way or another I will be back in the saddle.

While I am on my soap box click on the advertisements, thats how the blog makes me money.

How much do you think Google are paying me. $1,000 $10,000 Yes for something like 150 posts!
or something like $13.75 Provided I can prove I am tax compliant in the USA.

You know I am hardly tax compliant here....

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