Monday, April 07, 2008


On the first Sunday of the month an old horse fair takes place in Smithfield, right in the heart of the city. The area has been redeveloped and the new Posh people want the fair stopped, but tradition still holds power and the"urban cowboys" rule the day.I don't know how people don't get killed as horses are trotted up and down on the cobble stone street at full gallop. No saddles,no helmets racing like lunatics.
Its a sight to behold.
If you want to see any of the pictures better just click on the photo to enlarge it.

Spring has come for the sailors of Clontarf they had a busy weekend launching their boats, a crane is brought in for 2 days and they anchor them out in the bay until autumn.

Well I got out in the world for a day on Sunday.Plenty of people coming back to the city, there was delays in trains and planes. I have the unfortunate knack of joining the wrong queue no matter where I am.
Still I got a run to Howth and another to Booterstown which made up for the wait.
You could get the Coachmans inn or Keyleys pub just outside the perimeter fence.
One day I had a guy who was going to Omega air express just outside the airport.
I said nothing, I am a big boy and I don't grumble. (much)
The fare was 5 quid (old money)Heres 20 quid for not giving out to me.
I had an awful day.
Missed my flight.
Had to charter a plane, I had to be there.
I looked at his big BMW and saw a wide brimmed had as worn by horse trainers.
Did the horse win?
God he did.
And you landed on the racecourse, so all in all it was a great day.
Open the doors for 10 mins to let out the heat.
Good idea, thanks for everything.
and we parted never to meet again.

Delays at Heathrow had a knock on effect further down the line and I am sure that around 10 pm the 6pm people were coming in late, late, gotta get a taxi.

By then many of the taxi drivers had gone home annoyed with waiting around all day.
Then there was loads of work.
C'est la vie as the French say.

Willie Walsh the x boss of Aer Lingus is feeling the heat over terminal 5.
The pilots association are writing to all the major shareholders pointing out his shortfalls should be an interesting summer.
What about the spitting supermodel!
Well I know she is not right in the head but. Perhaps if some scabby looking indaviual were to spit into her face we might find a cure.

I rang the NCT people about my licence after a few questions she told me that she would get an officer to call me back.
I am still waiting.


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