Friday, April 04, 2008

Still waiting

Co Armagh vista
Vintage car dashboard.

Clock tower in St.Annes Park

Well here I am.

Stuck! No taxi.

I sent off my money for a new taxi plate and I checked in the bank and they have not cashed my check, what is going on ?.

I have not been idle,those lawns do not clip themselves or dripping taps undrip.

I may get a loan of a car tomorrow. But I will have one next week.

In the old days most cars had a driver and a cosy the cosy worked the car when the driver was off.
Some companies had cars working 24/7.
All kinds of shifts on offer at different prices to drivers.

Since deregulation we can all go home when the going gets rough.

You know all the different people you meet, one guy sticks out in the last 18 months. Richie is his name,told me he was starting up an internet radio station.

"Green and gold" Auzzie and Irish" and he did.

Well he phoned me up and asked me to update the link on the blog.
Hows the radio station going? I have 2 now another one in America as well.

Fair play boy.

I will put up the link soon.

Loads of people have moved their sites and a lot of new sites have been found.

The net is a great feast of information.

Found a site tonight when I Googled telling me about what a fraud the person was that I Googled was, well thats a relief.

We complain about the weather a lot but we don't do too bad really.

They say that water will be the new oil.

Well we are rich in water, thats for sure.

Sorry to the 3 people who log on to this site every week that there is nothing happening.

But the ice is melting.

Here is a clip.
Look how the drummer takes over and steals the show.

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  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Radio station hhmmmm I considered doing that a while back, now that I've got server space i might do it