Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Into the night

Poster for the new must see show.

Cassidys pub Camden St.where Bill Clinton was brought for his pint.

A new magic show opens in Dublin,4 years in the making and sure to thrill.
When the Dublin run ends it goes to Las Vegas(I kid you not)

I likes a bit of magic I do.
Good magic gives you the most fun you can have legally without taking your clothes off.

I must change my profile I do work days ,but I have to work nights as well or I won't eat,so many taxis so little time.
Last Saturday at 1.30 am saw me in Fitzwilliam Sq. where a young drunk lady was waving me down. I stopped at the casino further down, but she shouted and ran up to me."Why didn't you stop" Now saying I didn't see you would not have been the answer, there was no part of her body I could not see, she was blotto as well and alone.
I'm going to Leeson St.
A U turn so, says I.
This is So not the right direction,
This is soooo the right direction says I.
Man do you think I am stupid?
Well if you look straight ahead you can see Leeson St.
Man I was so lost I was walking for hours.
When we pulled in there was around 6 people looking for taxis....All blottto like the folks of "Night of the living dead" I had to blow the horn to make them move away so that I could drive on, they were so drunk that they could not see that the car was empty.
I thought how easy it would be if you were a rapist,Those girls would not know what happened.I don't pick up single girls as a rule 2 or 3 OK. even single guys bitch and moan how they have walked and could not get a taxi.
Lighten up, thank the guy who stopped and tell him what a great guy he was for stopping.

I know that the background checks on taxi drivers are not what they used to be.
I also know that there are cloned cars and cars being driven by unlicensed drivers.

Now back to crime and punishment.
I see from the paper that a guy was jailed for 6 years for fracturing a taxi drivers skull. the guy has a 107 previous convictions and was on bail for ramming a Garda car with a stolen car.
I wonder how many years he would have had to serve if he had fractured a judges skull.
With 107 previous convictions he should not have been on the street at all, that's for sure.In the good old USA they have a rule 3 strikes and your out, or in forever.

The taxi driver still has no sense of taste or smell and numbness on the left hand side of his face.

Car dealers were on the radio the other day, not doing too well,you got what you deserved lads. Before Christmas the car sales people were behaving like divas, not talking to customers.Well we buy in the UK on the net and in Japan and we don't want to be ignored any more thank you.
There are bargains to be had remember the BMW Z4 no reasonable offer refused?

I never seem to have the cash ready for offers like that,I wonder how much they got.

What can I say


  1. Thats what I call New York City after 3AM , " The Living Dead". Things are the same everywhere and we suffer alike, especially when it comes to car salesman...wish they had a three strikes and you're out rule for them as well.

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Times starting to get tougher in Australia as well, not as bad as over there, but people have pretty much stopped spending, which impacts everything.