Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just a few words

The statue of Molly Malone which is at the bottom of Grafton St.

A statue of james Connolly. One of the leaders of the 1916 rising against the British executed.
I just thought I would stick in a bit of you tube in case a certain lady looks up the blog, otherwise I have little to say today.

Well I fell violently ill on Sunday so I was forced to take 2 days off, got back into the swing of things today.
I got 3 good fares together one after the other each one over e20..Its great when that happens.
I met an Italian girl going home after a hard days work in an American bank.
"Any exciting holidays planned? "
"Why yes I am going to Buenos Aries to visit my boy friend" " Ah the tango" says I..
Why yes I love the tango and I am looking forward to doing tango there."
She has been doing tango lessons here in Dublin for the past few years.
I hope she will visit the tango school which is run by a taxi driver.

As far as I can find out he is a bit of a Micheal Flatley as he works on many shows.

Lucky girl.

This is Libertango

And this the masters of the tango dance

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