Sunday, December 28, 2008


Only in Dublin, A Heugenot graveyard
And beside it they build this bunker.
Gabriel Byrne nearly had a fit when he saw it and asked questions about peoples sanity.

A repeat from last year...Its a bit of Deja vu again.

Well its all over now. The next big thing is the new year then it will be "Herring days" until 14th Feb.(Be my Valantine)
The London cabbie used to only get herrings for his dinner when times were poor.
This year with the economy in poor shape and so many taxis around I would like to go to Australia until Easter at least.
Still who would look after the dog when I would be gone.

For me it was a good Christmas, no I did not make much money, but on the other hand I did not crash nor was I robbed or assaulted.

Yes driving a taxi can be a dangerous job.

Here is a thing from the Irish Times.By Olivia Kelly

November 2000 Number of taxis nationwide.13,637
New SPV licences issued
2001 16,547......Ie. more than doubling the fleet.
2002 18,252
2003 19,856
2004 20,744
2005 21,888
2006 21,707
2007 25,695
2008 27,311 to nov.31st

Current total 46,583 from 13,637.

That is incredible.

There is also a breakdown of prosecutions for 2008 which were NINETY TWO.
I could get 192 prosecutions in 24 hours given the Garda.
Cloned cars, unlicenced drivers you name it.
Standards are slipping so badly here that many new drivers do not even know the towns of Dublin (Rathmines, Rathgar, Terenure, Ranelagh)never mind knowing the streets.

Here is something which will give you food for thought.
The London knowledge which makes the London cabbie among the best in the world.

Here is a clip of the play "The knowledge".
Its a great play look out for the DVD when you are shopping.

We all know that the French drivers can be fast. But can the taxi driver make the kick off and save the team?

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  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Happy New Year John. Please God we will all be here this time next year and still earning a crust.