Thursday, December 04, 2008

Frosty Sunday morning

The door of the nurses home Hume St.

Hume St. cancer hospital

The heads around the church door Dublin Castle

Well now I am legal I have had my meter sealed.
After all the fuss about Ballymun test center not doing automatics, I had to go all the way over to Fonthill beside Liffey Valley shopping center.
They didn't keep me long, then the guy said.
"This is a hybrid we have to road test it, you will have to drive" It passed with flying colors so now I am sealed for another 2 years.
On the way home I stopped at Heuston as there no taxis and a few people, believe it or not I got Leixlip. A lady who was visiting her newly born grandchild. She had lived in Barcelona for years and spoke in a very clear voice,allmost an accent. This was so that people who might have problems with English would be able to better understand her. She deals with foreign students who are over here learning Emglish you see.

Then on the way back home again I met a girl on crutches heading to Bray, she is a voice coach and vocalist. A Polish girl with florescent red hair.
She slipped on the ice outside her front door and broke her leg.
She will not be singing with the gospel choir this Christmas.
Think of what she will be missing all the get togethers with wine and mince pies.
She has been here a long time and only has a slight Polish accent, she like many Polish people who live here she thinks that there are too many Polish people here.
She had some interesting observations,such as young girls stealing clothes when they have good jobs here, so they should pay for the clothes.She was a great talker.
She had a very nice business card so If you ask me for her number you could buy your loved one some singing lessons for Christmas.
Once again the failures of the Irish health service came to the fore,5 hours in accident and emergency without seeing a doctor who then put an elastic bandage on her leg to reduce the swelling.She went to the Blackhall clinic where there was a Polish doctor who drained off the blood and fixed her up. "Can you imagine after 6 hours in hospital they couldn't give me a drink of water, no I could drink it but after asking loads of times no one came back with it"

Irish health service is a third a world or even a worse service.

While we are on the subject of Irish health service.
A lady yesterday told me of an Indian family who were living here.
The Indian lady had been complaining of abdominal pains and the doctors kept telling her that this was normal .
She went back to India and in Bengal after a short examination a doctor told her she had cancer in a very advanced state. Her husband is a porter in a Dublin hospital, they came here for a better life. Perhaps the better life was to be found in the slums of India.
Life can be so cruel to some of the nicest people.

I don't like Christmas anyhow, perhaps for small kids its great,but it puts many people under pressure.
Another girl told me that she dreads Christmas as her dad drinks a lot, he drinks alone at home and she is dreading finding him dead as a result, her mum is dead but at least she has her own home to go to.
Ah the pressures of Christmas "Humbug"

Anna Nolan a favorate personality of mine stopped me the other day on the south circular road heading for RTE our national broadcaster..
She is great,an ex nun,winnwer of “Big Brother”, broadcaster and entertainer.
I met her a few times before.
She came out (as a lesbian) a few years ago, it was all the talk of the town at the time.
At that time I said to her “You are a really great person, its such a pity you are a lesbian”
She shot back with “ You are really nice man too, it's a pity your not a girl”
Come to think of it I wouldn't fancy kissing a man either, so perhaps she is right.

All of that has become commonplace now, I hope they introduce full marriage for gay couples soon, why should only the hetrosexuals suffer.

Sunday morning now. Wow what a frosty night!
I saw around 10 wrecked cars, the tow truck industry were doing great business.
I can't understand why people don't slow down when you can see the frost on the road. It would be great to have the tyres with the studs, still we get so little frost here that you might just get 8 days wear out of them in the year.
On the other hand it is so hot in Queensland you would die.

I was falling asleep yesterday when just at the moment between sleep and being awake I felt that I had fallen asleep and had just woken up driving my car the split second before impact. Wow did I jump? Just a dream thank God.
If you are tired, pull over , let the seat back and take a few minutes sleep ZZZZZZZ
They reckon more crashes are caused by fategue than drink.
Yet I never see the police waiting at the roadside with a pillow to test you to sleepy you are.

Another girl told me that she dreads Christmas as her dad drinks a lot, he drinks alone at home and she is dreading finding him dead as a result,her mum is dead but at least she has her own home.
Ah the pressures of Christmas "Humbug"

One thing which I almost missed was the big anti prostitution raids. A joint operation with the British and Irish police. This time they followed the money so it will be interesting!People trafficking is an awful crime.
Some one once almost attacked me for having advertisements for prostitutes on the blog, so I told them to have a look for themselves.

I don't know if you have been following the funny ads but look here
Look for the Audi ad with the bottles.


  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    I've been waiting for a new post, finally i found it, just the date is December 4th but while I saw it yesterday (?)

    Regards from sunny Poland (no frost)

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    yes Ann, I started writing it on the 4th.I sometimes write it over a week and I often add a bit after I publish it. Ah Poland where the women are good looking the children above average intelligence and even the weather is better !!