Tuesday, December 02, 2008

All roads lead to Garys shop

"Well Gary are you going to do a special for the taxi drivers this Christmas?"
"Yes I will John.
You know the safety kit which all taxis will need to have on January I ?
I am selling them for e39 each or 2 for e70."

"That's the best value yet."

So all roads lead to Gary's accessory shop behind Guinness 01 4531631.
Its on Bond St.

Now nature is wonderful, here is how a mouse sorted out my tax receipts at the back of the freezer.
Clever little things, they made a nice little nest beside the compressor where it would be a nice and warm place to live.
If you ever have cash money to hide put it into a tin box to keep it safe from the mice!.

The Christmas lights and tree at the bottom of Grafton St. Where a girl waits..”.I'll see you at the Molly Malone statue"

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The Top gear motor show was a big hit and coming back into town on Saturday morning I saw the police car outside the Boot inn, a raid I thought.
The punter who got in told me that the crew from the Top Gear show had come over to the pub by bus. They were inside having a ball.
They were so happy to find that the Irish were so friendly and the Garda raid ....autographs and photographs.

I had a good old weekend kept the ball hopping all night, parties have kicked off and people are putting away their troubles for the duration so to round off the shift I went down to the port where the ships come in and got a lift to Blancherdstown.
I decided to head over through Finglas and past Cappagh Hospital.
Well they have built hundreds of houses since I was up there last and they have closed the road to Blanchardstown, so we had to make a big detour.

In cases like this I turn off the meter, its no ones fault so why make the punter unhappy. It was very foggy too, but they were very happy with me for turning off the meter and tipped me a few extra euro.
They were just after a weekend in “the other capital of Ireland “Liverpool.
A great spot and its European capital of culture for 2008.
Very witty people and dead sharp thinkers,must go back there.
When I was a young lad all the comedians came from Liverpool, Ken Dodd,Jimmy Tarbuck etc.

Today I did an hour on my day off and I picked up a fare from Heuston going to the LRC on Haddington Rd. I was thinking what is that? Then I remembered its the Labour court at Beggars Bush (so called because the highway men found it a popular spot to hold up people, so the name stuck) They had come from Galway where they were about to loose their jobs. They work in a cash and carry which is closing down and were fighting for more money so off to the labor court.
Its tough loosing your job at any time,but loosing your job coming up to Christmas must be the pits.

As they were getting out a woman with a folder got in going to Sth.Great Georges St.
She had been at law and her client had not bothered to turn up!
A really big waste of time, it was a case come to appeal so now he will not be able to take it up again in the future.

The old tidy up continues, I found a great book I had lost "Cheats at work" by Gerald Mars. I saw it on Amazon for $109.50 but second hand on the UK site for a fiver but the copy I have cost 3 quid.Look for it in your local library. He goes into fiddles and cheating like you never knew.I will treasure it now I have it again.
They also have a new book A year in the life of a London cabby.

Try this does it work?
You lock your keys in the boot of your car, the spare keys are at home.
You phone your wife.
"Darling be a honey get my spare keys from the knife drawer, then hold it to the mouthpiece of the phone and press the button" You turn your phone on to speaker and hold it to the lock of the car and hey presto ! the car unlocks

or no hey presto !

I will have to keep a note book as I remember the things I wanted to say just when I publish


  1. Anonymous2:59 AM

    can you really open your car that way? I will have to check it ;)

  2. cool pic to start the season, just took a similar one on Wall St today, about the only good thing on Wall St these days.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Thats great value John,Guys were here in the kesh selling the safety packs at e55, a few days later he dropped the price to e50. well 2 for e70 is a big saving for sure.

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    John, Thanks for the "heads up" on Gary's offer on the safety packs.