Sunday, December 21, 2008

Heading home

I saw loads of people heading off to Poland by bus from Sean McDermott st the other day. I hope they come back when things improve again.
That is some trip by coach 30/40 hours.
Well I am still going strong and as Christmas approaches fast I will have a few memories to add to my storeroom of images.
One was when I was up at the Northside shopping center the other day. A taxi driver came out with his daughter in a wheelchair, she was blind as well. As they reached the car the wind which was very strong caught her long hair and blew it straight up. Oh to hear the whoops of delight from her and the surprise in her voice was an utter delight.
We take so much for granted.
Kinda reminds you of the song”what color is the wind daddy?”

The other was of a couple who got into the taxi and we had a 2 stop journey.They were kissing like heck and when we stopped at her place I said “here we are”The smooching got louder and we waited and waited, “do you want to go on?”No response I let down the windows as it was getting steamed up.
e2 clicked up on the meter at 34cent a minute, it seemed like forever. Then she piped up “these lights are very slow” “Threes no lights, we are outside your front door”
She was really shocked and hopped out like a scared rabbit. Russians!
He saw the funny side of it and was glad to be rid of her, he rang his girlfriend and she was waiting at his front door when we arrived home.

There were a few pedestrians knocked down, one in Fairview where the pedestrian bridge is, every few years someone is killed crossing the 5 lanes of fast moving traffic there.
The other one was fatal, on the Oscar Traynor road in Coolock.
I am sure there were others.

I saw in the papers that the head of the Anglo Irish Bank took a “loan”from the bank of e87 million, he was doing a bit of property speculation, every year he would borrow a few bob from another bank to cover up his loan until the accounts were done. The word is that he did nothing illegal, but I wonder how well the capital was secured, anyhow he has resigned. Though the institute of chartered accountants say it was illegal and are holding an inquiry to see why such a hole in the books went undetected.

A guy who was in my taxi once before re-appeared. He was with 3 others. Conversation was all about a row they had had earlier in the night. When he got out one of the guys told me about him.
Up to 2 years ago that guy had never bought an airline ticket, never cooked an egg, never went shopping. He had a private jet at his disposal a cheaufer driven car, a maid and a Gardner.
You name it he had it.
Until his father was arrested for theft.
He stole Billions just like the guy in the papers this week, whose name was "Madoff"(made off with the money you might say).
The father got life in prison, the longest in corporate history.
The sins of the father are visited on the children as the bible says, the son could not get any work until someone built him a new identity and he found a job, he is doing well enough now.
Every day he rebuilds his life, each day is a victory as he said when he was leaving the car.
The last time he was in the car he eluded to some dark secret, now I know some of it.

Its funny how you begin to build up a profile of some people, others you never hear anything about until you see them on the news.

On that theme there are a few Irish who have been raiding the till lately.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the blog over the past year, the business is getting harder every days as more taxis come on to the streets.

The situation can only be like some kind of pyramid scheme which is about to collapse.


  1. Those photos are really nice. The top one is an especially neat one.

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  3. Merry Christmas John!

  4. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Is the last house in Drummond sq?

    Couldn't do that trip by coach , I've done Dublin - London and that was exhausting enough. Arriving at 7am Victoria station.

    Poles won't be coming back and they will probably be bringing bad new from Ireland with them so less people will be coming here.

    There will be a lot more crime in the next couple of years. More drugs as well.

  5. Re: The Heugenot cementary. I worked across the road from the government building you have a picture of. It may be the most hideous building in the whole city and that takes some doing. French Heugenots came to Ireland to escape religous persecution in France. They helped make Ireland the country it is. In 1939 Ireland stood by while Poland was crushed by the Nazis. We should treat those who come here well and hope they forget our cowardice in the face of terror. They will help build the Ireland of the next century.

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