Saturday, September 05, 2009


Dublin is getting hundreds of "free" bicycles on the 13th

Theese are blades for windmills, they have been sitting on dublin docks for many weeks. What is the story? Someone will have to do something very fast as they are going to get a hefty bill for storage.
Nevertheless they are things of great beauty and a wonderful feat of engineering too.

See what the London drivers are doing here

Its a gaa weekend look here
And the Electric Picnic is going full blast. The weather has not been too bad for them.
My son had a ticket but we managed to sell it before the date.
Concerts are not selling out any more owing to the recession so the ticket touts are out of pocket.

The brother of a mate of mine was beaten up and had his taxi taken from him in Tallagh a few weeks ago, the car was found burned out in Coolock later. He had left 2 mobile phones in the car and so he was stranded for quite a while. He didn't need to be kept in hospital though but it looked like he might need a skin graft to fix up his face, where he was stamped on,but he is Lucky as he is already ugly and not at all vain.
They got the suspects quick enough as they had mentioned that they had been held for questioning at a different garda station earlier, they were unhappy they were about that, now for sure the new charges will stick.
This loutish yob behaviour is getting worse all the time,it makes night work harder to say the least and girls can be far worse than boys.

London taxi drivers protest as a schitsofrenic man who strangled his wife was allowed to take the knowledge.It has also come to light that he recieved a caution for assaulting a woman three months ago.
Standards slipping.

As all the good taxi storys start,"I had a guy in the car the other day"
And he had a guitar, a good bit of banter but he wouldn't for some reason give me his name. I tried to get it from him by saying "You wouldn't be Neil Young would you? I suppose you are too young to be him"
He told me he had been on the Mooney show the other day, and he spoke of arranging a tour here soon.He has a CD coming out soon called "800 voices"
Anyhow when we arrived at his destination he cut me short as I was telling him that the Floridita bar has live Cuban music at night, guess he will never know that.
So if you want to listen to what Danny Ellis had to say and sing about go to the Mooney link and listen to the Wednesday show. He was detainee of the Artaine boys home. He has also been awarded the best new lyricist 2009.

Well I hope that video about texting woke up some people, it has become a hit in the USA as well after it was show on CNN.
I see people texting every day and talking non stop, safety it essms takes a back seat.
For me it was a jolt of reality for sure.

Just on the subject of safety,
How would you feel if you were haunted by something you once did?
Its very clever video as you have to watch the forwards and backwards through time.

Slow down, arrive alive.

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