Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to see the president

This is where our president lives, not bad eh?

Workers take a break at the Westmorland St.end of Trinity college.

This car is a beautiful TVR one of only 300 ever made. I was helping a guy in a wheelchair at the filling station blow up a soft wheel at the time.
Then good luck came I picked up a bright young sound engineer all the way to Coolock.
Good Karma !

Oh yes a bad crash with the Luas and a bus on O'Connell St. today, more than 20 injured.

This week brought the death of a cyclist on the Quays run over by an articulated lorry.
I see trucks and cyclists duelling on the streets every day, there can be only one winner.
Our champion boxer Darren Sutherland who won an Olympic medal in the Beijing Olympics died by suicide. One commentator said "If he was in the room and you turned off the light his smile would brighten up the whole room"

Look after your mental health.

I was heading up to Lidl on the Malahide Rd when she waved me down.

Some people are silent this woman was on auto pilot. She was going up to Donaghmede shopping center to get a new phone, she needed to have it for medical reasons.
Her husband was dying from Cancer, they gave him 3 months bit that was nearly 3 years ago, he doesn't know he is dying, so he has no worries.

What she related to me next shocked me in no small measure.

I was walking along said she and next thing I started gasping for breath and I had a terrible pain.
So I called for an ambulance, the ambulance man was very abrupt when he came.
"Yer only havin' a panic attack mam, just breathe slowly"
Anyhow when she got to the hospital she asked for oxygen and was ignored for 4 hours.
Then after an X ray she was told it was a chest infection.
No matter how much she pleaded with them they insisted they were right.

When she got home he pulled her husbands Oxygen machine into her bedroom and was gasping for air all night,praying for morning.
Then her phone started ringing and through the pain and her being semi concious it took a long time to awnser it.
"Hello its the hospital here, could you come in there was a mix up with your X ray. there's an ambulance on the way for you,if you could be ready for it when it gets there?"

They were really nice this time, I had a collapsed lung, they put in a tube and after a while I could breathe again. They said the tube would stay in for 3 days.

Then on the second day they took it out. That evening the lung collapsed again.
This time they put in the tube the wrong way, even though I told them it did not feel right they wanted to send me home again. Then after another x ray the found that it was wrong and fixed it.

So a few days later I got a call from the hospital again asking me to come in straight away, when I got there I was brought into the room of a specialist.
He looked very grave and he said that there had been a mix up with my scan and I had a shadow on my lung, but not to worry as it was cureable with radiation treatment.

What she told me next nearly made me stop the car.

He was describing 2 different things, when someone in your family gets cancer you learn all about pretty damn quick and this gobshite knew nothing.
Listen mister I am only 7 stone I couldn't undertake radiation treatment at my weight, if I do have a shadow I put it there so its my problem.

Let me look at the scan though.
He turned the computer screen to me and I looked at it for 20 seconds.
Who is Mary Mulhall?
What do you mean ? says the doctor.
Look at the name on the scan? That is not my name' anyhow I had 3 X rays and never a scan.

Get you fucking act together says I and I walked out.

That makes 4 mistakes so I am going to see about suing them, its an absolute disgrace,and the treatment the doctor was offering was wrong as well.
She said that she hopes to get enough to bury her partner as his days are definitely numbered.

You know my head was nearly spinning as I drove back to the Malahide Rd.

I compare her to a woman I picked up in Donnybrook the other day, she was walking on the grass well in from the road and I nearly didn't see her.
"Chester Beattie library, I am very late, Its behind Dublin Castle, and hurry"
So I got her there in double quick time . The cost € 8.90
"Just make it €9.00"
The other lady with the dying husband and the collapsed ling gave me a € 6 tip.
The logic of it it all escapes me. If I was really late I would at least double the fare not rub the drivers face in the dirt by giving him a lousy 10 cent tip.

I just think of Kismet she might have slipped and fallen on dog shit 10 seconds after getting out of the car,well I hope she did.

The other lady? I hope she wins the Lotto.

This old world never ceases to amaze me.

One thing I am happy about is that I can paint and fix things around the house.
Today I repaired the flue for the central heating boiler, then I took the air out of the fuel lines and got it working again. I am still using oil, the price goes up and down but now its down. I think gas is great but it is another bill through the door.
When I don't use oil there is no bill.

Tradesmen around the house are bad news, a "Carpenter" hung a door and left a gap of 1 1/2 inches under the door. He tried to excuse it in a few ways, then he said it couldn't be changed.
Right you buy a new door and start again.He was under contract to deliver, I was not paying. I got a piece of wood which fitted the gap and after taking the door off its hinges he screwed it on.

I won't tell you about the electrician who couldn't wire a new light switch!
He was out too, though I feel the electrician should be arrested as he could kill someone.

Or the plumber who cut the oil pipe and was surprised when diesel came spilling out.
Where is your can to catch the oil? said I.
A blank look like a goat looking at thunder. not a clue.

Something for some taxi drivers.

Something for the Brazillians..

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