Friday, September 11, 2009

Taxi? There's more to life

I found the 9/11 video I was looking for when I posted on 9/11.
Go back to the last posting and see it.

This old guy I often thought should be called "The silver fox"
When I am as old as him I want to dance that well.

I have carried this link on my blog for ages, now I wonder whether the taxi dancer male or female!

This pair turn up all the time, they are so fluid in movement and move so well, so I asked an expert.He said that Andre mouves too stiffly.
Compare him to the "Silver Fox".
No matter what is said about them I think it is such a great performance.

I thought the Taxi Tango was a taxi driver. Perhaps this clip explains what they mean,when you dance you turn on the meter.

What had this to do with tango? I doin't know.

Something for the Irish Italians.

Remember you don't have to go to a dance hall as long as long as you blindfold the band.

Hows about Tango in the white House?

What I mean to say is
there has to be more to life than all this work.

Alex and Alison had fun today.

It could be you tomorrow.
Night classes are begining now.
Everything from Salsa through Tango to Computers!!!!
Lets live a little today.

I hope you enjoyed this little distraction.

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