Monday, August 22, 2011

Another week away from the wheel

Well I got my first flat wheel since I bought my present car.
Now I am expecting a spate of flat wheels, at least 3 more until it all settles down again.
I don't know how it happens, but life goes like that.
You can go for years without a single speeding ticket then get 2 on the same day.

As they say some days you are the pidgeon.
Other times you are the statue !

You can't get near the train stations or the taxi ranks,the hangover from Heuston is chronic.

This is a video made a while ago showing the tailback at Heuston station on a Sunday night.
Note the gaps where drivers have not moved up. It is very hard for all concerned.
By the way 70% of the cars are well off the rank, I.E. there is only rank space for 30% of the taxis shown in the clip.
Look at the taxi that is in front of me as we pass the taxi rank. He is stopping just in front of the queue of taxis to steal a fare !
It is really really bad.

How do you know when there is a taxi driver on the plane?
The whineing noise goes right on into the terminal building.

Anyhow I have been painting windows cllings walls and skirting boards, not to mention doors.
When you start a project it sometimes develops a life of its own.
Thank God this job is now drawing to a close.

I am really lucky that this job intercepted me. People outside the taxi trade would not really appreciate how bad things have become for us just now.

I keep looking around for the next big thing, will someone tell me when it arrives?

Night courses are starting soon and it will be web design for me.

Either that or I will be joining the "Chippendales"

I missed a run to Dundalk the other day. The guy in front of me did it for €80. I would not undercut his price. Though the passinger asked me if I would do it for less.
You have to have some kind of standards in this life.

Strange thing happening around our house, my wife and son have picked up a really bad cough like whooping cough, it goes on and on. The Sea lions from the Zoo keep coming to the house as they think there is a female in heat, they think that the cough is a mating call.
The taxi fare back to the Zoo is €8.60 + 4 mackerel

I got it myself then and spent 2 days in bed over the weekend, but I am better now.

Computer problems prevent me from bringing you some photos.
But my biggest son will be coming soon from London and then perhaps he will put the drivers back into the big computer that he took out of it last year.

Gosh! this morning I picked up a young nurse in Clontarf going to Phibsboro, she was a really interesting person to talk to and I felt that there was something special about her.
Let me explain,
A few months ago I head deaf girl who overslept her alarm clock !
As she was deaf we had a great laugh when I told her that she had the best excuse in the world for being late. She may have been deaf but she lives her own life to the full.
Beth Ann Collins is totally blind and yet she produces the radio programme on RTE called audioscope.
She is also a very bright person to talk to with intrests in many subjects.

The Scotish precussionest Evelyn Glenny lives her life to the full in spite of being totally deaf.
She feels the vibrations through her body.
Good eh ?

People like this are an insperation to us all.

Now about my girl ! It turns out that she has slight cerebral palsy which effects her right side. Yet she is a fully qualified nurse.
This is great, a nurse who is helping you who has overcome a slight handicap herself.
Now the patient can empathise with their healer.

Good luck to you girl,


  1. John, Thank you for posting the nice things about the person who is deaf and the one who is blind. I am 67 (former cabbie years ago in Tampa, Florida, USA) now, became legally blind in 2003 (good doctors plus God so I again have a good bit of usable sight) and hearing aids since 2005 (hear lows, highs, but the mid-range where most speech is, is not real bad). Everyone is "handicapped" in some way. I'd rather be deaf and blind that be handicapped mentally! I still go places and do things, as much as I physically can! And I have friends who are much worse off than I am, who do the same! I am a member of both the American Council of the Blind ( and the Hearing Loss Association of America (

  2. Netagene I admire people who deal with whatever God has put on their plate.
    I like so many people, complain when in reality I have realy no grounds to complain. It humbles me constantly when I see people who are profoundly handicapped knock life for a home run and just get on with it.
    On the 13th of this month the taxi drivers of Dublin are having our special day out for hundreds of special needs kids who live around the city.
    We start off at Parnell Sq. and after a few speeches from the famous and mighty we are lead by the Garda band through the main street of Dublin. You can see tourists crying with happyness as we pass by,this is so strange.
    The taxis are decorated with balloons and ribbons. As we reach O'Connell bridge the Garda motorcycles pick up speeed and bring us to Leopardstown racecourse. There we all disembark and have a big party with discos and ice cream.
    It is something really special.