Sunday, August 07, 2011

101 1/2

Mabel with her special 101 1/2 birthday cake
Well that is quite an achievement to live so long and be as healthy as a trout !
My oldest friend Mabel reached the fantastic age of 101 1/2 on Friday. I rang her up and asked if we would go to Dublin Castle to see the sand sculptures. "I'll be ready in 10 minutes"
God has been good to her, sound in mind and limb. She is drug free, cooks for herself, cleans her own house.
A great friend and good example of as she is living life to the full.
One in a million for sure.

Horse boxes parked along Ailesbury road
The horse show has now ended and I wonder what big thing is on our social calender ?

A Chinese weddding party departs the Botanical Gardens after photos

In case you thought all the beautiful girls were Polish,Brazilian and Irish!
Viva Mexico.

You know it is hard to keep going on. On Sunday I drove around cruising for 2 1/2 hours. I did 30 kilometers and got not one bite on my line. There was a monster of a cruise ship and a smaller one in the port and not one of the guests were taking taxis, they were walking.

Still I don't take it personal.

Thanks to the guy I brought into work the other day.
There were no bank link machienes working, so I told him to leave €10 into my local pub, with Owen I said. Problem is that Owen was on 3 weeks holidays.
Well he dropped in a €20 tonight..
Thanks a lot mate. Nice one!

Here is a nice beer advert.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mabel! Wow.

  2. Wow! is right Ajax.

    I'll be lucky to make to half her age.

    God bless her.

  3. My mother, age 94, died in her sleep last Thursday. Her funeral was today (Tuesday). Not the hottest day we've had, but probably about 90 degrees. Mother wasn't sick, just her old body wore out.