Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yes YOU are lucky.

If I entered this in a photo competition they would say it was made up.
It isn't

Botanical gardens

Fly eating plants.

Before I start.

Happy Birthday Bobby. My first baby is 30 today !

Sometimes you find a stone and sometimes you find a diamond like Mabel.

I had taken photos of the sand sculptures that we saw that day and she phoned all her friends who came around to enjoy the event with her.
The thing with Mabel active in mind and limb is that she knows anyone that is worth knowing.
I told her about a person I had brought in the taxi once. A couple of days later a friend of hers had contacted that person and a phone call came back to me from them.

Mabel doesn't do doom and gloom,she lost many thousands of euro in her bank shares,she refuses to worry about it.
Perhaps we could all learn a little from her.

"Where to?"
"Temple St. Hospital please."
Well I am like a sponge for absorbing information so after 5 minutes I had found out about her patient.
Her brother and his family were over in Donegal from Scotland for a wedding. They stayed in her house and went off to the wedding. She gave me the name of the hotel (which I forget)
Anyhow their daughter who is 3 1/2 was standing on a balcony which was surrounded by a sheet of glass. She was stroking the glass with her arm when the glass fell out and she fell off the balcony down 15 foot on to a concrete path on top of the broken glass!

Thank God she has only a fractured cheek bone,jaw bone and shoulder.
There is no brain damage.

There is no substitute for quality work.
The guy that put in that glass must be an EJEET.

Still, kids of that age don't tense themselves up before impact, so the injuries are not as bad as they might be.Thank God she didn't come head first.

The other thing that I will share with you is in regard to child abuse.

On Today fm the last word the other day they were talking about it.
A woman was talking about how her maths were giving her problems and she was sent to a maths teacher who lived across the road from her. He was touching her in an inappropriate way.
She told her mother and her mother said that she was making it up to avoid her maths grinds.
Later on the teacher raped her and the abuse went on.
She felt that because her mother whom she had loved and trusted had not believed her that no one else would believe her.
She is living in Ireland now and got help through the one in four group.

Believe it or not she is a comedian.

"Your not laughing now"

So folks, when your kids are trying to say something.


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    Thats the best advice you could give anyone, about kids anyway