Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sept 7th

I approached a guy on Grafton St. the other day, he is one of the most famous people who frequents the street, providing a distraction for for the passer by.
I asked him how things were going for him and he opened up like a burst dam.
His partner had left him after 15 years and 2 kids and she was now using the children as pawns in the bitter seperation /divorce battle.
You know Love is such a strong force that when it turns bad it becomes the most devious and vicous thing.
Each person knows the others strengths and weaknesses and both sides go for the jugular.
This is not a gentle parting of the ways.
I listned and bought him coffee, what can you do?
I suppos in a few weeks it might be better but for now it is really bad.
"I lined up the tablets 26 should do the trick," Then the phone rang
It is really that bad for him and I am sure if his partner stood back she would not want him dead either.

I know I work so hard and am at home so seldom that my own wife would divorce me if she could remember what I looked like.
Taking that point a bit further I worked with a Dan O'Connell years ago, he used to work every moment he could. One night he went home late when everyone was in bed and the dog bit him on the leg !
You couldn't put it in a comedy script !

I am not fuly back at the taxi yet, but I am surviving, but some are not.

I got a text today to urge all taxi drivers

Sept 7th is world suicide day.

All taxi drivers are asked to assemble at the garden of remembrance at 12 noon.
Then we will drive to the dept. of transport to hand in letters.

It is so sad that so many taxi drivers are so desperate to have their voices herd that they have taken their own lives, this is no solution at all.
What have we become of us all that we elect people to represent us whose only purpose is to gouge out massive pay cheques for themselves and never give a thought to why they were elected for in the first instance?.

Lads don't even consider killing yourselves.
Think of your great kids and how they will miss you.
Give yourself a good kick on the arse and work it out.
It can be done.
Start with MABS.
God bless you all.

Do you know who is the Patron saint of Taxi drivers?

I Know, do you?


  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    God my heart bleeds for you ! Not ! Your the same taximan who left people stand for hours in the cold at 3 am on weekend nights not so long ago.Poor you ,get over yourself ,nobody owes you a living ,travel around the world a little and see how some people have to live,what a cushy life you lead .

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    The Saint Patron of taxi's drivers ? Is it not Saint-Patience... ?


  3. I can't believe you guys have never herd of St. Fiacre ?
    But I will be back to you later buddy. !

  4. Why do a lot of taxi men behave that way? I sometime find them very frustrating!