Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tango de la luna

This weekend onSaturday the tango festival de la luna is taking place in the pillar room of the Rouunda.
Among the stars taking part will be the following.

You will have to go here to book and places are limited

Tango De La Luna

The Tango Festival Ball is a huge celebration of the Tango Legend , our wonderful teacher the late ,

Esther Pugliese.
The Tango Festival Ball
The Pillar Room,
Parnell Square
8.30pm -late
Only €25

The evening will a spectacular display of Music and Dance performances

2 10 minute Tango Shows from

The Amazing
Miriam Larici
Leonardo Barrionuevo

check out the rave reviews that they received from Negracha Tango, London

Negracha Tango London posted in London Tango.
Sleeping off last night's lovely Milonga....
Negracha Tango London 11:15am Sep 10
Sleeping off last night's lovely Milonga. Miriam and Leonardo were absolutely incredible and El Farabute played beautifully. Looking forward to next Friday's milonga!

Musical Performances from
Argentinian Cultural Ambassador
Sebastian Pecznik

And Sensational Gypsy Musicians
Oleg Ponomorev
Drazen Derek,


Our Surprise Musical Guest Star,

We will also have the fantasic Argentian Cafe

Cafe Bondiola,

who will be serving authentic Argentian cuisine and wine.

All Proceed from the entire Festival go to
Mingo Pugliese to help him deal with the huge costs of bringing Esther back to Argentina.

The workshops are almost full,
(very very limited availability:)
We have people booking from
Greece, Uk, The US , South Africa
and all over the globe.
So there will be a fantastic international atmosphere at the event.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again,
Thank You All For Your Support,Happy Dancing,
Lots of Love,

Kristina and Julian

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  1. Wow! Wish I could be there. That video is something. I envy people who can dance so well. I've got two left feet.