Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy birthday Arthur.

What a weekend for the Dublin people that was.

They beat Kerry in the all Ireland and suddenly the sun is shining and our mood has lifted.
So its Dublin for "Sam" and Kerry for the holidays.

Now tomorrow the patron saint of porter Arthur Guinness is having his birthday party and there are many events planned. Remember I picked up Bryn Ferry off on his way to the Hop store last year?. I wonder what is planned for tomorrow? Look here

So there you are everything is booked up.
Perhaps if we help carry in the amps for the gig and then say we are with the band we might get in.
When you live in a city you don't seem to tap into what is going on around you but thanks to Google and the Internet you can find out everything.

Business is up a bit and though there are more people around it is totally down to luck, sometimes you are lucky.

So we had my son and his girlfriend over from London, a week goes very quickly and they are gone again..I was having computer problems but as it is there was no time for him to fix it, so no photos until next week.

While they were here they showed me this video.
The guy wears a bat suit and has to fly through a gap in the mountain.

Now get ready for a big Adrenalin rush.
He is wearing a winged suit with no margin for error.

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