Thursday, September 01, 2011

Third level coming back

Did you ever see the likes of this ?

Well we had the annual Liffey swim at the weekend and the GAA Hurling final.
On this Thursday the racing on the strand at Julianstown takes place.
Here is your racing card,I wish you good luck.
The summer school teacher taxi driver are going back, and business starts to lift.

Today we drove up to Northern Ireland to visit my son near Lough Neigh. The roads are great now, journey times are more than halved what they were 20 years ago.

The border posts and army checkpoints are gone as well. A lot of good things have happened since the bad old days of the hunger strikes and the H blocks.
30 years ago 1981 !
I hope and pray that we never decend into that time of terror again.

Taxi times seem to be improving a bit.
The dawning of a very violent chapter is about to unfold in England when something like 800 Irish travellers are about to be evicted from an "illegal" settlement.
People are travelling from all over Europe (not to support the travelers) for a big fight.
There is a lot of unease in society and something like a mass eviction draws the ringleadrs of the ultra left into play like a big magnet.
They say that they are ready with bulldozers to flatten the place. But many travellers have guns as well as bulldozers. There is tough as they come and tougher than anything.

As they say watch this space.

Just a small taxi story before I let you go.
The first taxi on the rank says to the second guy. "I have a job coming out in 15 minutes, I only need a short job if one comes out. OK?"
The reason for this is that if a short job comes out he will pass it back to car 2.
So as luck would have it the first customer comes out going to the airport.
The driver asked the passinger if he had booked the taxi?
"Why no" came the reply.
"Thats grand so get into my taxi he has made a booking"
No matter how much huffing and puffing the first car driver made it was useless,
he had shot himself in the foot. As they say.

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