Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas 1915

 Something of a tradition this, 
Times could not have been worse in 1915 lying in the muck of Flanders fields with your gun at the ready.
Then for a breif moment a miracle happened.

The horror of war is well sung by Gerry Lynch

In neneteen fifteen on Christmas Day
On western front the guns all died a(A)way
And (G)lying in the mud on bags of (Bm)sand
We (G)heard a German (A)sing from no man's (D)land

He had a tenor voice so pure and true
The words were strange but every note we knew
Soaring ore the living dead and dammed
A German sang of peace from no man's land

They left their trenches and we left ours
Beneath tin hats the smiles bloomed like wild flowers
With photos cigarettes and bottles of wine
We built a soldier's truce on the front line

Their singer was a lad of twenty-one
We begged another song before the dawn
And sitting in the mud and blood and fear
He sang again the song all longed to hear


(D)Silent night, no cannons roar
A king is born of peace for ever(A)more
All's (G)calm, all's (Bm)bright
All brothers hand in (D)hand
In (G)nineteen and fif(A)teen in no man's (D)land

And in the morning all the guns boomed in the rain
And we killed them and they killed us again
At night they charged we fought them hand in hand
And I killed the boy that sang in no man's land

Silent night no cannons roar
A king is born of peace for evermore
All's calm, all's bright
All brothers hand in hand

And (G)that young soldier (A)sings
And the (G)song of peace still (A)rings
Though the (G)captains and all the (A)kings
Built (G)no man's (D)land

(D)Sleep in (A)heavenly (D)peace

So peace and good health to you all.
I hope to meet you all again in 2013  


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