Wednesday, December 05, 2012

December 8

 After you say "where are you going?"
I often ask
"Where are you from, with that lovely accent?"
Palestine , Israel and Lebanon always gets the response.
"Such a precious place for so many of the worlds religions, its such a pity there is no peace and harmony"

War,war and more war always.

Where would we be if I forgot what happened on Dec 8 1980

God bless you John

2 interesting people today, first an American guy. A second generation Russian from America who is a musician, he was heading for the radio studio to lay down a few tracks with Julie Feeney.
Dontknow her?
When you hear her sing you will know her.
So for him its airport, hotel, studio, hotel,show, hotel, then taxi to the next airport and countrycountry..
She is Irish, I didn't know that.

So you do want to hear Julie sing?

A seasonal video.

The second one was a lady heading home from Gooogle.(yes Google HQ is in Dublin)
Irish accent for sure but behind it there was something interesting.and different
Like a soup with the lightest touch of nutmeg, just enough to make an interesting change but not overpowering.
"I'm French, I moved here when I was 11.Though very few people notice my French accent"
Ahappy person, so I asked
"Any plans for Christmas?"

"Yes I'm off to Rio until the 6 th of Jan with my boyfriend, he comes from there"

Don't you wish you were going too?????????????

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