Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Depart Ballina 1am

         Imagine that. Getting on the early morning bus to the airport
           The first thing the passingers see on arrival at the Dublin ferry port
       Recently re thatched this house from the year 1754 in Lusk
        A bit blurred but..A dog with a scarf !
         This house near the Malahide Rd. is lit up every year....Fantastic
        A foggy day on Lenox St Portabello

It so sad to see another massacre of innocents in America,
You can get your first gun at 11 years old in some states.
I know that a good few years ago there was a great documentary made about it by that well filled out American guy  Michael Moore.

Perhaps this time the laws will be changed and the guns will be taken out of the hands of the maniacs who now hold them.

Hard as it might seem we have to block out the horror that modern media throws at us every minute of every night and day. We cannot reverse the troubles in Gaza, the famines in Africa the corruption that goes on around the world.
Inform yourself about whats happening them then try to help in any way possible, but don't keep looking at the images over and over again.

Things are hotting up for the big holidays last Friday one of the other drivers told me he took in over €400 that night, queues of people all looking for taxis he said.

HailO has now over 2,600 taxis in Dublin and there has been a huge uptake in the customer app.
Speaking for myself I would be out of the taxi business without it.

I will post again when I get the Christmas tree up


  1. over the top sad what happened over here on Turtle Island / USA .... i am not sure that gun laws will change as the american rifle assoc is a powerful lobby. it is good to have a rifle for hunting as needed but there are so many gun and rifle hoarders over here.
    i live on rosebud reservation where i work as an emergency room nurse ... much violence on the rez and in the big cities. the USA is a nation of so many good hearts ... not sure what to make of the juxtaposition with such violence and violent people. it is a sad and horrific mystery to me.

  2. No Anom. It went from 2,600 to the present 16,000 taxis.
    Far too many.