Sunday, December 02, 2012

Scum !

Ho Ho Ho How frightfully British.

Well I have paid my dues to the criminal scum in Dublin for a nother while.
It happened in Rialto yesterday. The taxi in front of me stopped a full cars length in front of me.
Unfortunately his passinger was at my door and she opened it. I told her the other taxi had stopped for her but she just said he should have stopped sooner. The door was left open and she called for her partner to get in, and hurry up.
They said they were going to Drimnagh and they were very much the worst from drink and drugs.
Then through the short journey the girl was saying "Keep right here, now go left" so we finished up in St Micheals estate.
Now if I was working less,or if I was not as tired the whole thing would have been avoided but theese scumbags know what they are doing .
They are like a running sore living on the back of society leeches sucking our blood.
So a stand off came.
But I had stopped close to a security guard who was minding a nearby building site.
So they walked off without any violence but with plenty of menace.
On the way she said his full name, but I had not gout my pen so I couldn't write it down.
Anyhow the security guard came over and he told me to phone the police.
So as they say in the manual its 112 from a mobile not 999.
The operator took the details, description etc.
I told them that the scum were heading over to cross the canal at the Luas station then over to Drimnagh.
And where are you? St Micheals estate, I need to know what road you are on.
I said that it did not matter what road I was on, surley it would be important to head off the crimanals.
So I hung up.
So I thanked the security guard and headed off, he told me never to come in here its a rathole.
A good 1/2 hour later I was on Parnell Rd. when I got a call,"The Garda here we are looking for you, I offered to meet them but no one knew where they were, so I went to Blackhorse Luas station, rang them back and waited for 20 minutes, as the police car came along. When it did I was on the footparh as the drove past me. I ran up to the window which was open and blew the horn., they stopped and turned  and came back.
They listned to my story again, Took my name, date of birth, address.
Then a full description... They didn't even have that when they headed out ..
He read it back, "He had a brown hoodie" No I said it was gray..."And he said he was just out of Mountjoy prison" No I said it was Wheatfield prison.
They drove off and as I was going back down the road behind them they nearly drove past the turn where my fugatives had gone. I followed and did a scout around myself.
One thing the Guard did say,
"You shouldn't have rung us you should have contacted the nearest Garda station, Sundrive Rd."
Neadless to say I drew a blank, but I picked up a lady on Cork St. and at the traffic lights the boys in blue pulled up beside me. "Any luck?" No ..
They drove into Kevin St. Garda station.

The people who are involved in crime have a huge advantage.
There was a young German stabbed to death in Rialto only a few hours before this happened, so on a scale of 1 to 10 my troubles are nothing.

I would love to see an audit of performance and routine assessments made.

3 weeks ago I tried to ring the new anti trafficking number, no reply, then I sent an e mail still no reply.
I just spent 1/2 an hour looking for the van number to give to you but I can't find it.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    John, You did not say what happened in the taxi. Did they try to rob you or what/

  2. Just a stand off"We have no money.Whatry gonna do about it, eh John?"
    So we had a 10 minute stand off, as I said the security guard saved the day.

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