Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Better lucky

      Distressed mortgage ? Anyhow it in empty house when there are thousands homeless.


My old daddy used to say "Better to be lucky than rich"

A wet morning in Dublin for sure today which created a big demand for taxis.
Now if you are working on a system you should look after your customers, at least that is what I think.
Many guys turn off their radios or their HailO system when they see work in plenty on the streets.
You must look after the customers who come to you when business is slack (through the system) and you shouldn't just scoop up the fishes on the street at the cost of your regulars..
First job of the day was a very drunk woman, on and  on she went on about being drunk before 9 am!
On and on only to be dropped off on Great Charles St North which is where D'Lite studios are.

My second job brought me into town properly.
So instantly I had another customer to the Sweepstakes offices, a petite Italian girl, arriving at the office I said goodbye and put the fare on to the system... 10 seconds later it gave me my next job at the Ballsbridge Hotel.  Traffic lights all red it took a few minutes to get back around, I rang ahead to report my progress and got what turned out to be the hotel reception.. When I got there I was told his name and that he was standing at the door.. I called 5 or 6 times "NO SHOW"
A lady who was standing beside me asked if I would take her and her friends over to the RDS (100 yards up the road)  Sure I said and opened the boot of the car.
As I put the suitcase into the boot the taxi driver behind me said
 "That's my job you have there, My job didn't turn up so I get the next one!"" So I gave him the suitcase and the girls jumped into his taxi.
Then at that  instant a guy walked out. Good! you're free !
Take me to Manooth.....€38 fare
Make the receipt out for €50!!!

A great guy he was working for Sky Sports  ..
Even on the road back the HailO found me another €10 fare.
When I got back into town the workers were at their desks, but the trains were coming in at the station and a short hop to Mary's Abbey,a great place for lawyers

Then home for breakfast.

In the afternoon after the grocery shopping then I got a run from East Point to Queen St.
The traffic was static when my customers got out. Then in a flash a job came in on King St. I turned into Benburb St and went along beside the Luas line where a motorbike was stopped short of the lights. After the third change of lights I asked him to pull up closer to the lights as his bike had not activated the sensors on the road. He insisted that he would not move so I put one wheel on the footpath and pulled up beside him.
At this point he started shouting "You are intimating me!"
Thank God the lights changed.
But then he tried to block me going through on green, I went around him and we were the only ones to get through the lights. Some day that asshole will meet the wrong guy who will punch out his lights if he keeps on going like that, I will leave him to meet that guy.
Then my HailO customer  in a who I had spoken to twice rang again to tell me that I had driven past him because he saw my roof sign go past him in a black car. I explained that my car was yellow and I was now 10 feet from him....."Its no use I am getting into another taxi"
So off to the Westbury Hotel to let off some steam, from there I got 2 lovely ladys going to the airport,, They worked in finance for Chanel.
They turned out to be big tippers as into the bargain .

I met a guy who had never seen this, its 6 years old.

This is funny too....

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