Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tlouble for HailO in London

 Well it has come to pass that HailO the friendly taxi magnet has done the thing that is the ultimate betrayal to its London taxi drivers. They have applyed for a minicab operating license.
The whole idea of HailO was that you got a taxi...with a proper PSV licensed and vetted driver with a meter and a badge which proved that he has done the knowledge.
Mini cabs are a group who operate via radio without using a taxi meter, they hang around night clubs and railway stations enticeing the stupid to employ them.
If you have to use a mini cab you are about to be scammed..

So the HailO drivers stormed the ofice in London and the police were called.
Drivers are deleting the HailO app and are queuing up to have the HailO branding removed from their cabs.

Perhaps the drivers will move over to the "Black Cab App" instead.
It is strange how a contest can be lost when total victory is in sight.

Or perhaps we could go with no Public liability insurance, no PSV license no vetting no tax

Yes folks UBER

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