Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May Day the workers Holiday

The May Day workers holiday was a special event for me.
No not for work but for MAGIC !
"Shenanigans " the Irish magic convention.

This guy was here.

Now here is a guy who knows a thing or 2 about magic. He entertained the magicians until 5.am every morning.
He is one of the most practical working magicians in the world.
He doesn't need camera tricks to do his magic !

 Next on the agenda was John Archer  the only magician ever to win a BAFTA award.

Then there was

Time Travelling Magicians Morgan and West


Bernard Copan shared his secrets...!!

Sorry that Ramon "Rrioboo is in Spanish..


New guy on the block Joe Barry.


Then from Ireland we had Quentin Reynolds.

Imagine so much fun from a hankie ! 



Then we had David Williamson


All in all a really great weekend

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