Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fool me once

  This will be your kids wages on Job Bridge

                     RockN Roll dresses in the Georges St market

A sad day for my oldest son. He is home for the funeral of a friend
31 years old with  young children, Just starting to live.

Cancer is killing a lot of people.. Let us all hope it stays away from your door

So Ryanair have a "New friendly face"
 He booked with them the day before for £70 and went to the airport.
"You didn't check in on line, so it will cost you another £69 almost the same again just to get on the plane.".

I guess we and they will never learn, but it will be a long time until we give them another chance.

The return flight home is booked with Aer Lingus for sure

One of the HailO drivers brought an unfortunate passenger around the M50.
From Drumcondra to the Dundrum shopping center.
Now he finds himself suspended from the system.
His protests are falling on deaf ears.

The other day I picked up a young girl going across the city to Milltown.
After the first few mutterings I asked her what she did for a living, to my utter surprise she said that she was an airline pilot.
She was so young!
She told me that she had qualified 14 years ago!
I told her that she must have learned how to fly sitting on her Dadys knee.
No I started as a fetus she said...
It must be great to look so young, perhaps some day on my way to San Francisco we might meet again.

All of my customers are interesting. But why would I tell tales about them ?
Did you know that there is a big cartoon factory in Smithfield,they make stuff for Disney and all the big names there. I met a lady who works there last week.
Happy in her work??? Yes."Pippa Pig" is her work.
I told her I was taxing my car last month and found myself surrounded by Hippys It was like having fallen through to the 60s.. Yes thats us..Happy Hippys

Last time I was talking about regrets, Deloris Keane was on television yesterday talking about her big regrets in life, her fight with Cancer and Alcohol..And the loss of that fantastic voice.

 Still it brought her around the world and brought a tear to many eyes.. The RTE player would have it to listen to the show again.

Students are sitting exams and getting J1 visas to go  America for the summer.
When you are getting your Visa you have to hand in your passport to the embassy and then you have to  go to the DPD depot down in the docks to retrieve your passport, a hard place to find if you have never been there before.

The saga of whistle blowers within the Garda, is causing ripples which are passing through our society.
One story which came to the front involved a female taxi driver who picked up a guy in Kells who then tried to kill and rape her. The only thing that saved her was that she had an earpiece under her hair and she was able to all call help without hold ing a phone to her head.
He was arrested and charged with the most minor of assault charge.that
The next day he was released without bail and without the taxi drivers statement being taken into account.
On the day of his trial for that offense the Garda in Bailieborough rang the taxi driver and told her acccused would not be going for trial that day and there would be no need for her to come to court. 
So he got off Scott free
Shortly after that he tried to abduct a child but he was stopped.
A few weeks later he abducted a young lady and killed her...He is now detained in a mental hospital.

So the Garda commissioner, the minister of defense and probably the person in charge at the Garda Ombudsman office have resigned or will go shortly..
 A rake of heads will come under the hammer in the Civil service as well.
Once corruption gets into any business it is very very hard to cure it.
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