Monday, November 03, 2014

Plumbing problems persist

                                     This is what blocked the toilet.
             A really good tree house in Howth
                           This spook popped into to sing a ghostly song.
             Really good value 3 days sight seeing with a day at the dogs thrown in.

Onward and upwards, over the last week I have been able to pay for groceries and fuel with cash, I expect my incoming credit card bill to be around €3,000.
That will be a hard one to pay off before Christmas.

The web summit is kicking off this week. All the whiz kids of the computer world are in town.
Tickets for the event were over €400 a pop and were sold out long ago.
Click here for more.
King Bono will be saying a few words.

A few months ago I had a woman in the car who had no grasp on reality.
The last time she told me that she was sleeping in her parents house when burglars came  into the house and tied her up. Then they took her daughter hostage.
When the police found the kidnappers they had a shootout and her daughter was clipped by a ricochet bullet. She had qualified as a doctor 2 weeks before, in spite of a broken leg and was due to marry an American marine and go to live in the states with her daughter.
Today she told me that she was attacked by 3 men who tried to drag her into a car.
"My back in destroyed with cuts where they dragged me along the ground. The police have them on CCTV but they did not show their faces. There is a Garda living in my house 24/7 to protect me."

The poor woman, I suppose at best she is not bored with life.

I am still having problems with plumbers, the downstairs loo was not clearing out the pan after flushing ,and the plumber decided that it needed a new siphon, which was installed. it was just the same, so I ran my finger along under the rim where I found a plastic clip wedged into the water outlet. I pulled it out with a pliers and got a perfect flush. But the cistern started to leak when it filled upand on opening it I found he had set the ballcock higher than the toilet handle and then he had tried to seal the handle hole with mastic..
So I adjusted the setting..Another problem solved.

 A lady from Portugal jumped in the other day.I told her that I loved to listen to Fado music on Youtube and Spotify at night When I told her that I loved the voice of a girl called Carminho who has a fantastic voice she smiled brightly.
"Listen to this from my Ifone" she said.

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